Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stepping In It

Okay, so Major League Baseball/ESPN, and AP leaked insinuation and names against some baseball players that used illegal substances to gain an edge.  The drug kingpin allegedly is Tony Bosch who ran an "anti-aging" center in Miami and doled out all sorts of drugs to players.  He has supposedly made a deal to name names and dates, so the feeding frenzy begins.  Tony Bosch hasn't said a word yet, but the sharks are circling already.  Sports writers favorite punching bag in baseball, Alex Rodriguez, is continuing to take the brunt of it.  Makes me laugh a little bit because his play the last season or two stunk and then he got injured and hasn't played since.  Maybe he should sue Tony Bosch since the drugs didn't work. My biggest concern is that once names are floated out there, they can't ever get their reputations back. I am not defending A-Rod, but the Steinbrenners will do anything not to pay him the remainder of his overbloated and ridiculous contract.  

The other problem with this whole MLB drug problem is that the Players Association and the Owners need to come together and clean out the sport together, committed, and transparent.  If they really want to clean up the game, they have to really clean up the game.  I allege that they don't really want to do anything but publicly shout their dismay to look good, as if they really care.  I think Baseball only cares when they get caught.  The Owners have profited hand over fist in the past 20 years over juiced players breaking batting records.  Baseball is already suffering the loss of fans in the seats all over the country. I think the television ratings are down and they are beginning to see the cracks in popularity.  So, how do they overcome it? Do they keep turning away from illegal drug usage?  Do they get together with the players and say they will have weekly spot check drug testing for an indeterminate period?  MLB has a problem, so do the owners and players.  The fans are the ones that truly suffer, not only do we have to pay exorbitant prices for seats and food at the ballparks, we have to figure out a way to process our feelings over the cheaters.  It may just be a few, but many are responsible. 

I just hope that we can wait to vilify players until we get facts and evidence. To be continued....
A few words on the disgraced, anti-semitic fashion designer, John Galliano.  The man who made horribly anti-semitic statements a few years back and keeps apologizing, doesn't get it.  He says that it was the alcohol and drugs that made him say, "I love Hitler," among other things.  Are you kidding me?  In my wildest imagination, there is no way that I would ever go off on a people or a religion and blame it on drugs.  He needs to man up, accept responsibility, and maybe do a tour of concentration camps and speak to the last remaining Holocaust survivors, then, maybe, he will have a change of conscious.  John, it wasn't the wine. It wasn't the drugs. It was the ignorance and hate inside you.
Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away this week.  He was the last remaining WWII veteran in the Senate.  He made a big impact on the Senate and our lives.  Did you know he spearheaded no smoking on planes?  For that alone, I am grateful.  What I don't like (whether Republican or Democrat) is that the Governor of New Jersey appoints an interim Senator.  He can change the balance of power with his choice.  It's the law.  I get that, but it should be changed.  Governors in any situation should have to stick to the party of the decades politician.  The voters should be the only ones to shift the power. 

Sidebars:  Did you hear that Kevin Durant star of the Oklahoma City Thunder donated a million dollars to the recovery effort after the tornadoes that swept through the area?  I was so impressed.  I didn't hear Nike donating.  If you did, let me know.  Blake Shelton and his friends raised a lot of money with their televised fundraiser.  Kevin Durant you were raised right.  The Voice sent home the "right" person last night.  They are all so talented that it's impossible to really choose, but it was the lesser of the greats.  The Bachelorette still both amuses and disgusts.  How they pick the "villains" would be fascinating.  To be a fly on the wall in that casting session. On a personal note, want to wish my sister and her husband a very happy 25th anniversary!

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