Sunday, June 9, 2013

If it's Sunday, it's NOT Meet the Press

Of all the weeks for the NBC Sunday news shows to be pre-empted....It must be making Chris Matthews and David Gregory crazy.  So, now, I am going to attempt to fill the void of the week's topics.  Well, really, isn't there only one topic?  Another "scandal" hitting the Obama administration?  How do all the leakers all leak at the same time?  How does that work?  Are there secret leaker meetings and they discuss how and when would be the best way to leak the classified stories?  It's unbelievable the few weeks the White House has had and I for one am not up in arms.  I have already discussed the first three "scandals" in A Trio of Bull on 5/20/13, so I won't rehash them here, but the latest is the 4th.  The outrage on both sides of the aisle with the leak that the Obama Administration, Congress, and the NSA have been monitoring your Verizon cell phone calls is laughable to me.  When did you think we had privacy? And again, the talking heads misspeak and say they are listening to your phone calls.  They are not listening to your phone calls.  Maybe they are just a step away but this isn't the era of J. Edgar Hoover.  They are looking at interesting or red flag call patterns.  

If I am a cell phone user and am receiving or getting calls from Yemen, not such a good idea.  Red flag.  Makes sense to me.  How do you think that the United States Government has been fighting international terrorism?  There are only so many tools and methods to try to keep us safe.  This monitoring started in the 90's they say, but really got stepped up after 9/11 during the Bush years.  During the 2000's, there were few guidelines so maybe more invasive, but Congress did put very tight checks and balances into effect so that everyone is watching everyone's rights.  Did you see the movie Casino?  Remember the scene where they show how the Casino works and who is watching whom?  Well, this reminds me of that.  Congress, both parties, on the Intelligence committee get the reports of what's going on, secret FISA judges must approve, and it's all supposed to be in secret.  Fine by me.  How do you fight terrorism if everyone knows the play book?  

Seriously, people, you can't have your cake and eat it too.  If you want to be kept safe at home from terrorists, then we have to give up privacy.  It's that simple.  Well, maybe not simple, but we are in a new age, and this is the new normal.

Sidebars:  Here in gorgeous's the Puerto Rican Day Parade. A day that locals along the parade route fear yearly.  I think that it's gotten much better than in years gone by, but heck, I am not a big lover of any parade that clogs up traffic.  This is the biggest one of all.  Tonight are the Tony Awards.  I haven't seen so many shows but still have much hope for an entertaining show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.  And really, NPH? Who could've ever seen his career play out after Doogie Howser?  What a talent!  Also, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and another NCIS marathon on USA.  Game two of the Heat and Spurs in Miami. Come on Spurs!!! Can you steal another win in Miami? Enjoy your Sunday and I hope that this filled a bit of your Sunday morning void.

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