Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small Annoyances

I can't talk politics.  It's making me crazy and depressed.  So, I will go forward with things that bug me.  Does anyone here watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  There is the syndicated version and the Facebook version that you can play yourself.  In the computer version, if you make it to the $100,000, you keep whatever money you made along the way plus the $100,000.  On the television version with Meredith Viera, once you make it to the $100,000 question, you lose the money you made along the way or it's not really a $100,000 question. I think it is so annoying and why hasn't anyone called the producers and ABC out on it?  It's so cheap.  

Since the shows inception, they have tweaked it so that very few even win much of anything, so they are making money hand over fist. When Regis Philbin began doing the show, contestants actually walked away with big money.  Since Meredith took over and the rules have changed, the majority of people walk away with much less than $25,000.  It makes it less fun. But seriously, the false advertising that you are getting a $100,000 question is really annoying.  I am sure many of you aren't interested or care, but just imagine that you get the first 10 questions correct and you have earned upwards of $60,000.  The music and drama changes because you made it to the $100,000 question, but really it's only a $40,000 question.  How cheap can the producers be?  Why doesn't a television watch group call them out?  It's not quite as scandalous as the $64,000 Question of the 50's, but it lacks truth.  It should be called the $100,000 question minus whatever you've earned up to that point question.  

Okay, I'm sure you are bored by now, so I will move on. I just can't talk about politics because it's getting me down.  They are all good for nothing, do nothing, hypocrites.  So, I am refocusing my attention to lots of fluff this week.  I watched The Voice finale and The Bachelorette last night.  The Voice is still a very well produced show.  Still wish they could do it a bit faster than 2 hours when there are only 3 finalists left but....Tonight before they announce the winner, Cher!!! Cher is performing on The Voice.  Totally excited. You never know what you will get from her.  The Bachelorette is  trying so hard to make a difference in the world in their own way.  Last night, one of the dates was taking a helicopter ride around the Hurricane Sandy damaged Jersey coast.  Then boots on the ground to walk around the hard hit neighborhood of Seaside Heights.  They "met" an older couple whose home has been decimated and got some life's lessons about love and marriage.  A bit corny, but great to highlight the troubles still hanging on for the people of Jersey and all the kudos to the Red Cross.  So, tonight if you need some mindless, yet enjoyable television viewing...America's Got Talent.  It is a throwback to the old variety shows of the 50's and 60's but hi-tech.  Give it a go.  Also, Game 6 of the Spurs/Heat.  Spurs lead 3-2.  Go, go, go Spurs!!!!! The Boston Bruins lead the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1.  If Doc Rivers gets traded to the Clippers, they are the luckiest NBA team!  

So this is a mixed-up bunch of stuff, but I just had to write and get this off my chest.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  More soon.  

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