Tuesday, September 29, 2015

President Pope

I am not speaking about Olivia Pope from the ABC series, Scandal.  I am referring to the one and only Pope Francis for President of the United States.  Now, I am being tongue and cheek, but over the 5 days that he was in our country, he spoke of global climate change, immigration rights, and, yes, against abortion, among many other hot button issues. He spoke of the golden rule to Congress.  Can you imagine?  In his beautiful, dulcet voice he asked the members of Congress to do unto others....A bit embarrassing, don't you think?  There were even members of Congress that dissed the Pope because they didn't like his perspective on topics.  Seriously?  He's the Pope.  To the Catholic Church isn't he the closest vessel to God?  He is a learned man.  He's no one's uneducated dupe.  He preaches the "real" words of Jesus.  Feed the poor, help the needy, give health insurance for all.  Wow, radical thoughts and beliefs.  How in the world can anyone object to his preaching on these topics?  Shouldn't all people in the role of leader and clergy be preaching the same things?  

I have to admit, I was absolutely smitten with Pope Francis.  I kind of love him.  We don't agree on all things, but we are more aligned than any Republican candidate for President.  He thinks income inequality is a disgrace. He thinks all of us are God's children and he means it.  He, as did St. Francis of Assisi, cherishes the earth and all its living things.  There are things in the Catholic doctrine that I will always disagree with but for the most part, this Pope has taken his oath and Bible seriously.  Every time he saw a child or a disabled person he was drawn to all of them.  He would have stopped for everyone if the security detail and time permitted.  

New Yorkers enjoyed the Pope whether Catholic or not.  Hard to argue with all the love he shared.  I have no idea how he had the energy for all the places he went, people he blessed, and masses he led.  I was tired just watching him on television.  Interesting that so many people from his past reported that he never used to smile, when on this journey he couldn't stop smiling.  

The Pope's visit spread much needed love and acceptance that we have long been missing.  How long will that feeling last?  His message was so potent that House Speaker Boehner decided that he had enough of the insanity.  That's Boehner.  He was at the center of the crazy for awhile and now he was out-crazied in Congress.  He's tired and is out.  Basta!  Enough!  Done! Over and out!.  So now what will happen with Congress?  Who will take over as Speaker?  Remember the devil you know is always better than the devil you don't.  I think it will only get worse.  Even watching some of the Congressional hearings today, the disrespect was flying high.  Is the bloom already off the rose?  Can it happen that fast?  

All I know for sure is that if there was just one Republican candidate that was anything like the Pope, I could listen.  I can't take any of these candidates seriously, but we need to, don't we?  I don't want to keep hearing that T***p won't make it, Carson won't be the nominee, Huckabee, etc. etc. etc.  There will be a Republican nominee at some point. I don't want anyone to underestimate what money can do.  Let's see how it plays out.

Sidebars:  The new Fall TV season is here.  They roll shows out more slowly than when I was a kid, but they are coming.  I've watched two episodes of Blindspot and it's still interesting.  I'm worried about The Blacklist, just from the promos.  It may have jumped the shark.  The Voice is going strong.  Still highly recommend it to watch and hear how many talented singers there are and how fun the judges are.  Amazing Race and Survivor began for season whatever.  Dancing With the Stars is a whole bunch of non-stars and no more Len Goodman judging. -- Baseball season is winding down. NY Mets made it to the division championship for the NL East.  I'm still holding out a bit of hope for the SF Giants and the Yankees.  It all will be decided Sunday.  Great decision that all Sunday games will play at the same time.  Let's see how that works out. -- Trying to get back on the writing horse, but it's difficult.  I appreciate writers more and more. -- Don't forget to be kind to yourself and others.

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