Friday, September 18, 2015

I Lost My Joie

I Lost My Joie.  One of my favorite, favorite songs from William Finn, creator of all things Falsetto and I believe cut from the production of Falsettos.  I use it all the time.  It's fitting. It says it all. These days, it's true.  Politics have gotten me dazed and confused.  Depressed a bit.  Watching the Republicans talk stupid over two debates is depleting my spirit.  There isn't a Republican candidate that I could vote for once they start spewing about Planned Parenthood, Women's Rights, Pro-Life, Religion, etc.  The social issues take them out for me.  In today's paper there are Republicans that won't go hear the Pope because of his "leftist" views.  Come on, really?  The Pope??? Leftist???????  Maybe they all have to go back and read the Bible.  So many stand on it, by it, around it, but maybe they should listen to the actual words of Jesus.  Seriously, if they don't like to read...go see Stephen Schwartz' Godspell.  It will give you a great, easy snapshot of Christianity without all those many pages to read.  You can even hum along.  

Did you watch the debate?  I could only watch the first two hours of the primetime debate this week.  Ridiculously too long and fairly empty of any significant content.  Tr**p is a big immature bully on the playground and all the other kids are trying to rise above the fray.  Not much is said.  They all want war.  They all love Israel (of course, not because they love Jewish people, but whatever).  They all hate Obamacare but have never presented any other idea how to cover people with health insurance.  They all hate Hillary Clinton.  The Donald refers to everyone by their first name.  Fiorina refers to him as "Mr. Tr**p."  They try to hold their ground but say nothing.  For over three hours of primetime television, nothing of substance gets presented.  It's the Miss America pageant without the swimsuits.  Actually, I hate to even demean the Miss America pageant, at least they get scholarship money.  

These candidates are all unelectable.  They are caught between a rock and a hard place because to get to the general election, they have to spew so much BS that the party can never win the Presidency again.  The religious right, the NRA, the tea party, all have their claws right between each pair of legs of these candidates.  Hard to know what anyone really believes.  The only one on the primetime stage that has basically been the same year in and year out...Rand Paul.  Like him or hate him, he seems to be true to his beliefs.  Dr. Ben Carson believing in creationism over evolution is mind-boggling.  How is a man of science so ignorant?  He was a pediatric neurologist for goodness sake.  Carly Fiorina's over the top, incorrect plea about abortions and Planned Parenthood funding was disgusting.  The Donald's bullshit connection of vaccines and autism should take him out of the race right now.  After all the doctors have disproven the research from the fully flawed British study that got the "ultra scholar" Jenny McCarthy, turning her Playboy playmate career into a PT Barnum barker, Tr**p has perpetuated the BS again during the debate. Ugh!! Mike Huckabee fortunately didn't speak too much because I have had enough of him from the Kim Davis disgrace.

Let me make it clear again. I firmly believe in the separation of Church and State.  Our Republican candidates get that all confused.  They really think the Bible, Ten Commandments, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence should all be what guides our Country.  No, people.  Please take a civics course again from an atheist professor.  Let him/her set you straight.  You all continue to bastardize what it says that you can't possibly lead.  Mr. Huckabee, you brought civics into the debate, you can be the first to sign up for a crash course.  Of course, as each of you have to drop out of the race, you can spend more time on what our Forefathers so richly and thoughtfully created.  

And again, ladies and gentlemen, without upending the Citizens United decision, democracy is threatened.  The money in politics is destroying the Country that we all love.  Yes, Mr. Tr**p, if you want to make "America Great Again," it's not the immigrants tearing it down, it's the billionaires.

Sidebars: We get at least a month off before the next Republican debate.  The Democrats step up to the podiums mid-October. -- The Emmy's are on Sunday night.  Always makes me feel old and out of it. I haven't gotten into the flow of Netflix or any other off shoot.  I am still old school watching mostly network shows, lots of sports, and news.  Oh well, I'll still be there in front of the TV trying to figure out who all the people are. -- Baseball season is winding down.  The SF Giants aren't out yet, but looking pretty slim that they will be in the post season.  But hey, no one thought that they'd be this great this season, so it's been a great ride.  The NY Mets have been tearing it up.  The NY Yankees are still alive. Football season is fully underway.  Too much, too many games, too many days of the week.  Too much and it's just the beginning. --- If you haven't seen the hilarious video by Ann Pinto McCarney, google it.  For all the parents of college freshman, it will make you laugh.  
TGIF.   So that's it for the Friday before my birthday. Enjoy!!!

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