Friday, February 27, 2015

You're Either With Us or Against Us

Rudy Guiliani stepped in it. Questioning President Obama's love for this country; he wasn't raised like Rudy.  Whatever the hell that means.  Dog whistles anyone?  Why have we become a country that judges others so harshly.  Well, I think it can be traced back to President Cowboy Bush.  When we were attacked by terrorists, President Bush stood up at the microphone and said you're either with us or you're against us.  No grey area.  Black and white.  No time for questions.  You believe like us or your don't love this country.  Patriotism hadn't been questioned this much since the l950's and the McCarthy hearings.  

I wasn't alive then, but can't imagine that it could be any worse than it's become here.  The Republicans see everything in absolutes.  There are no variances.  They stick to the scripts, which are rock solid.  No matter what happens there are few criticisms, unless it's towards the "others."  The Democrats don't work in absolutes at all.  There is no reigning in talking points.  They are disorganized and spineless.  Whether the Democrats are right, they do not back up their beliefs.  Can you imagine a Republican saying anything derogatory towards the Republicans?  It doesn't happen for worse.  It's never for better.  I can appreciate, on one level, sticking together, but to what end?  

We are currently in another bulls**t session with Congress voting to fund Homeland Security.  What's holding it up?  The Republicans don't like what Obama did unilaterally with immigration.  If the Republicans would have come to the table with any ideas what to do with all the illegal immigrants in this country, it wouldn't have had to happen. Do you get that?  If the people elected and paid to make laws for this country actually did their jobs, we wouldn't have unilateral decision making by the White House.  The fact that the Republican Congress has held the funding hostage in the words of many across the aisle...unpatriotic!  Why do we, the people of the United States of America, allow this kind of irresponsible behavior to go on and on and on.

I live in New York City.  I am sure you all know that by now. We are always on high alert in some way here.  We have the constant, "see something, say something" all over the subways.  There are many announcements about backpacks can be randomly checked by cops in the subways.  If we see a lone bag, we are all trained to be suspicious.  So, the fact that the FBI just foiled another plot here in NYC and the Congress is holding budget dollars for Homeland Security for ransom, is unconscionable.  Rudy, you were Mayor here for 8 years.  You were Mayor on 9/11.  Why aren't you as a self-proclaimed lover for this Country, which is better than our President's love for this Country, standing up and shouting at Congress and telling them to give the damn money??!!  WHY??
Why isn't there some sense that keeping Americans safe should trump your egos?  

Why isn't it more patriotic to care about America than re-election?  Isn't that how it's supposed to be?  You run for office, you win, and, while you get paid, you do your damnedest to make your district, State, and Country a  better place.  If you lose re-election, then, so be it.  Isn't that really patriotism?  Not doing the bidding of all your special interests?  

I am having a harder and harder time writing because our elected officials are all corrupted by all the money.  BUT if you all can't set aside your petty differences to fund our safety, you are all against us.

Sidebars:  Have you noticed all the movie actors taking over series television?  In the past week, I've seen ads for new series with, new Oscar winner, Patricia Arquette, Josh Duhamel, Juliette Lewis, and Ryan Phillipe.  Already 3 episodes into an 8 episode series, The Slap, boasts an amazing cast of actors.  Maybe it's the trend. Steady work, but could be taking more work away from the journeymen who never were "too good" for TV. It certainly makes the projects seem more credible.  We shall see.  The Voice began this week with a bang.  How many great singers are there in America and how many can have careers?  The judges still delight with their banter. February sweeps are over and now re-runs are rampant again.  The good news: CBS' lineup is finally back Sunday night.  The bad news: it's the final episode for this winter of Downton Abbey.  T.G.I.F. wherever you are.

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