Monday, February 2, 2015

Jonas Salk Is Turning Over in His Grave

Okay, people, it's time to get a grip.  I get it that parents are trying not to blindly trust professionals that are trained and know more than you do.  Movies that have shown insurmountable odds for children dying with mysterious diseases and the parents study, read, and research and help find a cure for their child (Lorenzo's Oil) maybe have emboldened some parents to think they know more.  You don't!

The recent outbreak of measles is illustrating just how ridiculous adults can be.  Look, I understand it.  Before I had children, a friend of a friend had a child and refused to immunize him.  I was young and impressionable, so I thought, "hmmmm, maybe they know more than I do."   It gave me pause. My mother and I had a heated discussion about it.  I just wanted to think about the ramifications and not blindly do something when it came to children.  Of course, I had my children and fully immunized them.  Why?  Because the diseases that had been fully eradicated by vaccines, were hellacious and painful.  Why in the world would I want to put my children or anyone else's children  in jeopardy?  

Ten years-ish, a British "doctor" came out with a study and said that childhood vaccines and autism were connected, cause and effect.  The Playboy bunny, Jenny McCarthy, glommed onto this study.  Her son had issues and she went on a publicity tour saying that this study is valid, wrote books, did talk shows, magazines, radio, and people believed her.  They took her espousing over medical doctors!  She was the then girlfriend of Jim Carrey so finding airtime and newspaper space was easy.  The British "doctor," was shown to be the fraud that he was, the study invalid, and was stripped of his medical license.  Jenny McCarthy didn't have to retract.  She didn't lose her "mom license."  She still had her megaphone.  She was never made to publicly apologize for her misinformation tour.  She got off scot-free. 

The children have not.  There have been more and more cases of measles today than there have been in the last 50 years.  Never in my lifetime can I remember anyone having measles. Why is that?  Parents thinking that they have a choice in the matter.  Look what their selfish choices has cost us.  With their misguided decisions, an otherwise eradicated disease is back.  How f**king dumb can you be?  Look, if you don't want to vaccinate your child, then keep them in the home.  Home school your child, no playdates in public, don't travel, no vacations.  The above mentioned child, which was my introduction to this "choice," said they could get a doctor to lie so that they could go to school.  Wow, really?  So you can endanger other children?  If doctor's are lying to get kids into schools, they should be stripped of their licenses immediately, maybe jail time if anyone of their patients infects someone else's child.

OMG, Chris Christie came out in favor of choosing or not choosing to vaccinate in 2009, now he's re-writing his statements.  Is he running for President?  What an ass!  Look, if you want to make these irresponsible choices for your children, then you can't partake in society.  There's no Disneyland for you.  Maybe you should start your own island community.  All the ignoramus parents that choose not to vaccinate your kids can live there.  See how long your community lasts.  Fine with me as long as you stay on your land and don't come out.  

My friend, Holly, posted this yesterday and it's well worth reading:

Sidelines:  One of my serious pet peeves: have you noticed how many men's jackets aren't fitting properly?  On television all the time, Awards shows, talk shows, you name it, no matter how much money you have or who designed the suit, there are more ill fitting jackets today than ever before.  Have the men put on weight between fittings?  Start noticing, really.  The buttons are too tight and there are creases and lines that the tailor never saw or fixed. Terrible....So Super Bowl XLIX is over, thankfully.  One of the dullest games in recent memory.  Though Patriot fans are wildly happy, they didn't win this one.  The Seahawks lost it. Not much great football from either side.  A couple of exciting plays.  Nationwide's commercial is something they wish they could get a re-do.  Started trending immediately after airing.  Horrible commercial for the Super Bowl.  They may have had their insurance heart in the right place, but it was the wrong time.  Budweiser Clydesdale/puppy commercial big winner.  Idina Menzel was fantastic.  Very happy for her.  That isn't always the case for her so glass she was triumphant.  Katy Perry's halftime show was great but is looking too much like the Olympics and not Super Bowl halftime.  It's cold and icy here in NYC. Stay warm wherever you are.  

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