Tuesday, October 28, 2014

United Hysterics

​OMG!  Can you believe the news about Ebola since last week.  It is the most every changing, fluid situation. Here in New York and New Jersey, our local leaders are leading with terror, panic, and complete ignorance.  Has anybody remembered how you can contract Ebola?  Through bodily fluids!  That just doesn't seem that easy unless you work in healthcare or having anonymous sex.  Seriously,  Governors Cuomo and Christie are looking like fools.  Truly unfortunate for Cuomo because he's up for re-election and voting is in a week.  Not that he has a viable opponent, unless you are Far Right.  ​Christie just sounds like an ass.

Our National government isn't looking much better either.  The CDC is pulling double duty in the absence of a Surgeon General.  Though Obama named an Ebola Czar, our Congress and President should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to find a Surgeon General that they can agree upon.  Our system is in such disarray, I can't believe we are paying all those elected officials a salary, much less pension and welfare.  You'd think after these past six years I wouldn't be surprised by the do-nothing government, but every day my head shakes in disbelief. 

Stop the panic.  Ebola is a virulent disease in parts of Africa.  Here it is not.  We don't get up in arms about the thousands of deaths per year by guns, but a few people testing positive and one death from the Ebola virus, we go ape sh*t.  Government by hysteria.  That's how this country rolls now.  Govern by ignorance, we're in.  No facts to support a decision, no problem.  That's where we are.  

Come on, people. There is an election in one week.  Make the time to vote.  Your vote does matter.  It's all we've got that makes us a democracy.  Our democracy may be in crisis and extremely challenged, but I have to believe that this too shall pass.  We will come out stronger and better in time. I have to believe.  Everywhere in this country there is an election on Tuesday, November 4th.  There's a whole new crop of voters,  the brand new eighteen year olds. Take this opportunity to stand up and be counted.  

Watch, read, and listen.  Don't buy into the hysteria.  

Sidebars:  Halloween is upon us.  The costumes for the girls have gotten sluttier and sluttier.  Who the hell thought a Ray Rice costume was a good idea?  It's disgraceful and anyone that supports that get-up is just as guilty.  Not a big fan of adult Halloween.  Love little kids dressing up and going trick or treating.  Still am promoting The Graham Norton Show(BBC America) and John Oliver (HBO). If you want laughs and intelligence, these shows shouldn't be missed. The Voice is better than ever.  Congratulations to the CBS show, Madam Secretary for getting picked up for nine more episodes.  With the push to ban horse and carriages in NYC, does anyone know or care what happens to the horses that would be put out of work?  The World Series continues tonight in Kansas City.  The Giants lead the Royals 3-2.  Come on GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!  

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