Monday, October 6, 2014

Border Grills

Okay, people, I want to take on immigration.  I don't understand why so many on the Right are all concerned about all the Hispanic immigrants coming over our boarders.  Really!? Not I.  I am far more concerned with the haters and the carriers than anything else.  Why do we allow anyone that has a passport stamp from any country that hates America into the country?  Why do we let any American back into the USA that went and spent sometime in Syria and isn't in the Armed Forces?  Why doesn't the State Department have to approve travel to questionable countries?  Geez, we had to stand in line to get a special visa to go to France 25 years ago so they could regain control of entrances and exits.  (I am sure that something happened which precipitated that event, but can't remember).  So why is there a seemingly free flow to questionable countries?  In and out without flags?  I'm sure some people get flagged, but it doesn't seem thorough and inflexible.  From the beginning, when the reservations are made, the ticket is purchased, and an American citizen boards a plane, even circuitously, to the Middle East, there should be a big, bright red FLAG! Then the CIA, the State Department, someone can scour our citizens' online traffic and if there is anything, don't let them back in until a thorough investigation is completed.  Conversely, any citizen from another country that has some curious passport stamps may need to spend some quality time with authorities before entry is allowed.  Maybe we, the United States of America, make foreigners get a visa to come to America.  It may be a pain in the ass but it also raises money.  Okay, that's it for now on the Middle East "tourism" flags.  

Now, can we talk about West Africa?  If we are so damn concerned about Ebola, why are we allowing any flights into this country?  If the global community is so concerned about the spread of the virus, then together the countries and airlines need to track all the people that have travelled in and around Liberia.  Those people need to be quarantined before they can freely walk our streets or hospitals.  Honestly, what's the point of going through the questioning at Customs and Passport Control, if the foreign stamps and travels of the person aren't thoroughly vetted.  We can't be surprised that Ebola has come to our shores when our borders or so open and welcoming.  Maybe we have a new use for Guatanamo....

If I am not expressing it perfectly, I think you get the idea.  There is so much more that we and the global community can do to track possible suspects or carriers of Ebola.  So forget the poor hispanics, let's tighten the entries for the real concerns we face as a nation and the world.

Sidebars:  Real Time with Bill Maher brought out the political lion of Ben Affleck.  He was so far left, that it made Bill Maher seem right of middle.  Good television.  Shark Tank still touting as interesting, fun, and educational.  Homeland returned last night, good not great.  I still hold true that personal life in most of these professional people are poorly done on television.  Enjoying Madam Secretary still.  Dumping The Mysteries of Laura and sorry about that.  Always like to support shows that shoot in NYC.  Did you see the photo of Bruce Jenner on his way to the Elton John concert?  It's very disconcerting:
Very sad to read that the Jewish fraternity, AEPi, at Emory was spray painted with swastikas right after Yom Kippur ended.  It's not the first anti-semitic act at Emory.  The administration has condemned the acts, but the problem remains.  It's not about Emory; it's the ignorance and the haters.  Have to congratulate the San Francisco Giants in their 2-0 series lead over the Washington Nationals.  The game Saturday night was the longest game in playoff history almost 6 1/2 hours.  Today, back in San Francisco!!!  Go Giants!!!!!!!
Fall has definitely hit NYC.  Enjoy your day.

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