Monday, November 3, 2014

So No One Can Say I'm Crying Over Spilled Milk, I'm Saying It on Election Eve

Until the Republican Party stops talking about abortion rights and pro-life, I'm out.  Until they stop talking about religion, I'm out.  Until Republicans stop talking about guns and bastardizing the 2nd amendment, I'm out.  The party of Lincoln has turned into a party that I completely can't support, which means, no matter what, for any National offices, I am stuck with one party, and only one party.  I wish it could be different.  I think that there was a time the Republican platform may have been far more interesting and palatable.  Now, they have made it impossible to vote for any of their candidates.  The people that they've put on the ballots are diametrically opposed to my basic philosophy of life, right and wrong.

I can't believe that since Roe v. Wade became law, the Republicans became dogs with a bone.  They have come up with all sorts of cuts to abortion clinics and laws in various States that is making it harder for women to exercise their constitutional right to end a pregnancy.  Every election season, I think they won't make abortion an issue and for my entire voting life of thirty-seven years, they do.  Leave us alone.  Get an abortion, don't get an abortion, but to think that women get abortions without pain and thought, is incredibly presumptuous and ignorant.  

I've said it before and will keep saying it, keep your religious views out of my government!  Now, obviously everyone's life experience informs decision making, but don't make me hear about your belief in Jesus, God, Allah, or any other specific religious theology.  Not everyone has the same belief system. More and more believe less and less, so own your beliefs but don't project them on others.   I would rather never hear if a candidate goes to church, believes in God, or prays to a God above.  I would rather atheists or humanists, but that will never happen.  

Republicans stance on guns is distorted and disgraceful.  The many mass school shootings hasn't gotten the Party leaders to stand up and pass common sense gun laws makes them a Party that I have no room for in my life.   They are all about re-elections and money. 

The Republican party was always the Party of Big Business and low taxes, now they just say the most horrific things about women and abortion rights and immigration and, and, and....The Democratic Party is not much better, they're just not as bad.  That there are people going to the voting booths that will, again, vote against their own personal interests is staggering to me.  Look, I always vote.  Am I thrilled about the candidates that we are given?  Not at all, but it's all we've got.  In New York, many Democrats are also running under Women's Equality Party.  That may be the ticket for me.

So, it's election day.  Don't blow it off.  All you young people, take the time to vote for the first time.  To all of us jaded people, still, carve out the time.  As much as I complain, it's all we've got.  Until we make our voices heard, we have to play within the lines.  Stand up, people.  VOTE!  And before you put your mark down or flip the switch, think about what's important to you and your life.

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