Saturday, April 26, 2014

Down, Down, Down, Down, Down

I am feeling down.  I can't shake it.  The world has been cruel and painful for weeks now.  Little pockets here and there of news that is too unbearable to think about but too difficult to shut out.  I am a news junky but have really tried to disconnect, but it still gets through. The worst stories always find their way to me.  I need a break. I know that.  It's the macro and the micro world that is weighing heavy on my heart.  I know that I have much to be thankful for but am finding it difficult to feel that.  Do I sound depressed?  Maybe.  I'm not sure.  I just think cyclically this is just a tough time all around.  Every time a child dies, the weight gets heavier on my soul and there's been so much.  It has to shift.  It has to change.  

So now what?  The government is supposed to be here to help and protect its citizens, right?  Government is supposed to be the net so we don't fall too far, right?  Am I wrong?  I am feeling wrong.  I feel Government is not here for all its citizens.  This week the ATF approved a substance called Palcohol.  Palcohol is powder alcohol that can be carried in your pocket, backpack, purse; sprinkled on your breakfast, lunch, or dinner; consumed easily and undetected.  Seriously?  Is this what the country needs?  Do we need more convenient ways for people to become drunk?  Who do you imagine would be the most at risk demographic of this Palcohol?  Of course, it's the kids.  Who else, really?  The Government is not protecting the kids.  The Liquor lobby is strong. They have money and power.  So we will now have to find a new way as parents and families to protect our loved ones on our own.  The Government isn't.  I am sad and outraged by this new drug option.  

What about the millions of youths that are being over prescribed medication?  What about them?  We are teaching our children that there is a pill for everything that ails you.  All you have to do is watch television.  The latest one is for PBA.  Out of control laughter and weeping.  Seriously?  I thought I'd heard of everything after we hit Restless Leg Syndrome.  Look it, people, I'm not saying that all of these ailments aren't real or troublesome, but why commercials?  Why did we, as tax payers, let the FCC allow pharmaceutical companies to take over the airwaves?  It's ridiculous.  Any medication advertised you need to get from a doctor.  I can't believe that all these commercials let doctors prescribed more readily.  Maybe I am naive.  But maybe, if there were no commercials on television, medical doctors would control medicine rather than the pharmaceutical companies.  Over prescribing the citizens of America. 

Now let's get drunk on the sly.  Perfect with prescribed medicines.  And, let's carry our guns into churches and schools and bars and work and sporting events and restaurants and anywhere else we want.  Guns, drugs, and alcohol. A perfect combination.  What is going on?  What has happened to the sanity of this country?  Is it really having a black President that made people go apeshit?  Really??  The disappointment in our Government is palpable. The disappointment in our Supreme Court is great. For those of us that are reasonable and moderate people, it's draining.  Little pockets of light are getting obscured but I am trying to hold on to the Michael Bloomberg's battle against the NRA and Tom Steyer's battle for the environment, but they aren't enough.  I want to hear louder voices that will drown out the crazies and take back our Country.  The insane are now running the asylum.  

I am not trying to bum everyone out.  It is how I am feeling right now. I fear for my children and all the children.  What are we doing?  What are we leaving them?  What are we teaching them?  I am sure that this feeling shall pass again, but the overwhelming feeling is choking me right now.  I need a break.  Can you tell?

Sidebars:  I am getting a break for a few days.  Going to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary in the City of Light. That should shake the blues away, but oh my goodness, I can't believe 30 years with my husband.  How's that possible?  I remember how old I thought my parents were when they were celebrating their 20th....Oy vey!
So a few days of croissants and chocolat sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  Enjoy the last few days of April and happy May Day! 

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