Monday, April 21, 2014

Diana Down

I keep having difficulty writing.  Everything around me in the news is bringing me down.  The news about the children on the Korean ferry is too painful.  The news of the over 100 teenager girls whisked away by crazy militants in Nigeria is getting little press, it's stunning.  And for all of us with high school students doing the college tours, the news of the tragic fiery bus crash in California this past week was almost too much to bear. So where does that leave me? I'm not certain.  

The news out of the Ukraine this week illuminated again how Jews are the scapegoats.  Someone passed out leaflets declaring all Jewish people must register and pay a fee to stay in the Ukraine.  It's unclear who printed and distributed the leaflets but no matter which way it falls, it's ugly and disturbing.  The Ukraine has a very long history of anti-semitism.  Anyone see Fiddler on the Roof?  Perfectly dramatized through song and dance. I heard the Prime Minister of the Ukraine denounce it on television. Haven't heard a sound out of Putin.  He so clearly longs for the USSR.  Times made sense to him then.  He liked the cloak and secrecy of government. He like complete control.  What is Putin's involvement in all the pro-Russia uprisings in the Ukraine?  We can assume he is backing it.  Follow the money.  Follow the paper trail.  Maybe he is behind the anti-Jewish leaflets. I'm not sure we will ever know whose idea it was or who produced the declarations, but for Jews everywhere, it is a very terrifying and unnerving turn of events.  

The New York Times investigated and printed an expose on the police of Tallahassee, Florida and Florida State University claiming how they botched the investigation of Jameis Winston and the alleged rape charges.  The evidence is damning and shows again that winning is what's most important, not the truth, not justice.  The victim got zero justice. The accused may always have a cloud over him.  Did he?  Didn't he?  Why didn't he speak out fervently if he was innocent?  I can't answer that.  Maybe he had been advised not speak, but the lack of interrogation and evidence gathering puts the Tallahassee Police Department on the defense.  If I were the victim, I would seek damages from the police department, the university, and attach to Jameis Winston's future millions.  This is not a singular story of cover up or protecting a person at all costs (that is perceived to be a star in their area), but it's the latest.  

Sidebars:  Big kudos to former Mayor Mike Bloomberg for sticking his neck out and money to take back our country from the crazy NRA.  I found it very heartening and brave.  I hope that others with the money will follow suit.  It's money that will take down the fearful candidates in our government. How sad that is.  Why can't rational thought be the winner.  Ha, ha.  We are way past that. Can anyone tell me how or why Chrissley Knows Best is on television?  I can't bear to watch it but find it so peculiar. Who made that decision and where did he come from?  Do tell.  If the Knicks hire Steve Kerr as coach, it's perfect.  Hire a guy that's never coached to bring the Knicks back to championship seasons.  Well worth the money for Phil Jackson.  I can't go without a moment to the Nepalese Sherpas that died in the avalanche on Mt. Everest.  Maybe this is a sign that people shouldn't be climbing this mountain for fun and sport. Saw the magnificent Tony Shalhoub in Act One at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre.  Never disappoints.  Spring has really sprung in the East.  I think it's here to stay.  We have earned it.  

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