Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mind is Still Churning

I have been away and tried to gain perspective on the macro and micro world.  While away I think I had a grip and was definitely less concerned with the world​ at large, but arriving back into the "real" world quickly put everything front and center again.  As I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the shocking kidnapping of 250 girls in Nigeria, it took mainstream news three weeks to get on board with the story.  Even being overseas, I didn't hear a peep about it on BBC or any international station.  People, if this isn't a clear example of the news being manipulated and honed towards whatever agenda the news outlets have, I don't know what is.  It's disgusting.  This is a true newsworthy story.  It's happening now. There's a chance to save these girls and rescue them back to their families.  They seem to all be alive, they just have to be located.  Isn't this more newsworthy than the search for the Malaysia airlines flight?  That plane and its passengers and crew are gone, but they are all putting this story first and foremost on many newscasts. I actually think there really is a Lost aspect for the media.  They think that some miracle will happen and they will be found alive on an island surviving and flourishing.  A Hollywood ending!  It's not happening.  It's been three months!  BUT these young girls kidnapped in the middle of the night by terrorists led by Boko Haram, have a chance. They could be rescued. They could be found.  Why did it take 3 weeks before the world took this seriously?  It took the ground swell of outrage on the internet to put this in the top stories in all media.  It took the online petitions, crowd gatherings, protests, etc. for the world's media to take notice. I don't understand the laissez faire attitude about these teenagers.  Is it that they are girls? Black? Both?  I can make a case for both, easily.  Worldwide girls are not treated well or cherished.  The world has to shift. So whether you pray or don't, light candles, send some positive energy to find these young girls and bring them home to their families. Don't let this story die until they are found! #bringbackourgirls.  

The Ukraine situation is just getting worse and worse. I don't understand all the ins and outs of the situation, but for some reason, Putin really wants the Ukraine back.  Will he want Georgia, Chechnya, Kazbekistan, etc. to come back and be the USSR again? I think that the USA and the President made a miscalculation.  We should never have gone to the Olympics.  We should have skipped Sochi.  We had both precedence and human rights reasons to support us.  It would have taken the shine and the glory off of Putin.  Our going emboldened him.  Putin is becoming stronger, more powerful. He is sly, wily, but make no mistake, he is the puppet master.  There is nothing happening that Putin isn't aware of, I'm sure.  Think Don Corleone, but real life. Hold onto your hats.  This is going to be a long rode and America can't get involved with the military.  Been there, done that. Burned out!

Speaking of the military, can we get over Benghazi yet??  Congress can't.  Can't let it go and I can't understand it. There have been investigations from all sorts of branches of the government.  It is a tragedy but  repeatedly trying to lay the four deaths at the feet of Hilary Clinton and the President is absurd.  The President is responsible by "the buck stops here" theory, but that's it.  It's over. Done, but noooooo John Boehner and Congress are like dogs to a bone. They won't let it go.  It's not even in the top ten of concerns of Americans, but let's spend time and money until they get the answer they want!  Why are the Republicans so good at these tactics?  Democrats suck at it or we would've had hearing after hearing after hearing over the war in Iraq.  Now, that was an American government shame that we are still paying for, literally.  The money used to pay for the war was supposed to be covered/reimbursed by all the Iraqi oil.  That didn't happen.  Where is the outrage and the hearings on that?  Democrats don't do that, not really.  Again, they suck at that.  Democrats need to have a "dog to a bone" mentality.  They don't. It's a bummer.  It's pitiful.

Sidebars:  The Golden State Warriors management may dethrone the New York Knicks as the dumbest team.  They "relieved" Mark Jackson of his head coaching duties after giving them their 3 best seasons in a row in over 20 years.  They said they wanted to go in another direction.  Really?  You don't want to keep winning?  There's only one other direction in sports....Poor choice of words.  Mark Jackson come home and coach the Knicks!!!!!!!!!  NBA uniforms have been decimated by uniform designers and owners.  You used to be able to turn on a game and know exactly who is playing, but now the uniforms are almost down to a combination of three colors: red, white, and black.  Ruining the identities of the teams.  The Voice was a killer last night.  The eliminations were harsh and plentiful.  They let 3 out of 8 go.  Wasn't my 3.  Law and Order: SVU is on the "bubble," which means it may or may not be picked up next year. They are at a crossroads.  They need to hire more actors.  They need to spend some money and then plan to end its incredible run in the next year or two. Team Podolsky gathered again for the MS Walk in NYC this past Sunday. Thank you to all the fabulous people that supported us! It's sunny and beautiful here in NYC before the rain arrives again.  Enjoy the day wherever you are.

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