Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Now that we are deep into this government shutdown, we can assess the situation.  The ridiculousness of it all.  The disgrace.  John Boehner is no leader.  John Boehner is a coward.  He won't even take a vote in Congress!  Seriously?  You are the "leader" of the House and your aren't leading?  You are being led by a small faction of the Party.  Do you hear me?  You are being led!!!  History will not be kind to you.  History will not be kind to the "do-nothing" Congress.  The truth is it really isn't the "do-nothing" Congress.  It is actually the do harm Congress.  

Today on the news, it was reported by Andrea Mitchell that fallen soldiers bodies can't even be sent home to their families.  The money to send the families to meet the coffins of their loved ones isn't available. Families usually get a $100,000 as a "death" gratuity.  Can't get that.  So we have brave men and women fighting in Afghanistan, risking their lives, and Congress isn't holding up it end!  Shameful.  There are a million stories of citizens of the "greatest" country on earth that aren't getting the services they are expecting or needing.

Congress is not suffering at all.  Each member is still collecting salary and benefits.  If they really want to stand on their principles, then don't take money.  Stand up for what you believe.  The slashing or freezing of government funding has zero impact on the lives of the elected officials. They can stand on their high horses and afflict pain and suffering on others without ever feeling it themselves.  It's shameful.  Have you seen the chart making the rounds on the internet about how much money our Congressman and Senators make for life?  It's shameful.  If you are only a US Representative for 2 years, you shouldn't make a lifetime stipend/salary.  If you are a Rep for 10 years, you shouldn't make a lifetime salary.  If you are lucky enough to hold office for 30 years, maybe if you are doing your job for the American people, then get a fat pension.  BUT the way things are going....

Being an elected official shouldn't be a stepping stone to a better job.  We have allowed our Senators and Congresspeople to have a way too cushy job.  They spend far too much time fundraising for the next election and not enough time working for the People.  This all makes me so crazy!  The hypocrisy is dereliction of duty. It's plain and simple.  It's shameful!

Sidebars:  Horrors upon horrors, NBC NY messed with the daytime schedule and moved Access Hollywood live from 11am (good for working out) until 2pm (bad for being near a TV). Instead, as I sit and write this, it's the Steve Harvey show!  Is this something permanent?  An experiment?  Yuck!  Don't like it at all.  Haven't seen Homeland or Masters of Sex this week.  Hated The Good Wife this week.  Don't like them throwing around wiretaps and FISA so liberally.  Loving The Voice!  Love The Blacklist! James Spader doesn't disappoint for a second.  Say want you want, but Miley Cyrus was triumphant on SNL and has definitely taken the mantle from Madonna. Tonight more Voice and NCIS.  Go A's, Rays, Dodgers, and Pirates!!!!  

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