Monday, October 28, 2013

Round and Round

So I know I already went off last week about the 18 plus concerts, but I can't get over it.  Okay, fine, I know you are saying, "get over it," but I really can't get passed the hypocritical acceptance of illegal drug, alcohol, and sex abuse that is clearly the norm at these concerts by the artists and producers.  What got my goat again today is that I got an email from Madison Square Garden for all their upcoming sponsored events for ticket sales.  Today, it was for tickets for Armin Van Buuren.  I have no idea who that is but knew that he was one of the many DJ's on the Electric Zoo circuit.  I thought fantastic, Chanukah is coming and maybe this would be a fun thing for my kids.  I clicked on the link and it is an 18 plus concert!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me???  It's MSG!!!! I have seen everyone at the Garden and never has there been an age minimum. I find this an outrageous trend.  MSG has some of the tightest security.  They can't handle it?  I am really appalled and think that the promoters, producers, and artists have to step up and take control back.  The benign "head in the sand" is ridiculous.  As you can see, the evolution of Madison Square Garden supporting an age minimum really has gotten my dander up.  I think it stinks.  I can't believe that this is now going to be the norm for teenagers and concerts.  It sucks!  

Hypocrisy is all over the place.  Congressman Darryl Issa, head of the Oversight Committee, is leading another charge to take down Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services.  She may be responsible for the debacle that is the website for the Affordable Care Act.  He loves to yell and swing is d**k around.  How can you be pissed that the internet site is problematic and vote against ACA each and every time the vote came around?  Class?  Hypocrisy!!  Totally full of it.  He loves to hear himself talk and throw his weight around.  He doesn't care about the truth.  The fact that he keeps getting re-elected in his district in Orange County blows my mind.  He is a blow hard.  He has no apparent interest in the good of all Americans.  Should Secretary Sebelius fall on her sword and resign?  Maybe.  I am not sure who was responsible for the hiring of the website builders.  I don't think that is she.  The first company hired was Canadian and that company was previously fired by the Canadian government.  Who made that hiring decision?  That worries me.  That's the person who's head should be on the line.  

For the local NYC community, is anyone else annoyed by the Mayoral commercials?  I hate the Chiara DiBlasio ad.  HATE it!  ( I think the Lhota black and white commercial looks incredibly desperate.  (  If you watch and have an opinion, let me know.  The last debate will be Wednesday night at 7pm.  I hope all voting NYers watch and listen carefully.  This isn't a Democrat/Republican battle but the future of NYC.  Let's put partisanship aside and vote for the best person. Of course, right now, I'd re-elect Bloomberg.  Sorry gang.  I don't like either of these choices.  

Sidebars:  Loved and hated The Good Wife last night.  The part that focussed on the law firm was great.  Any scene with Chris Noth sucked and annoyed me.  Getting hard to hang in but for 50% of the episode is keeping me returning.  The Cardinals and Red Sox are tied 2-2.  I am rooting against the Sox.  Not only am I a Yankee fan, they beat up Jim Leland and the Tigers, I can't support the beards.  Don't like the look.  There's something to be said for the Steinbrenner grooming code.  The Voice is tonight.  The Blacklist is still doing well in the ratings.  Hostages is not.  Should have been a planned 12 show arc and then done.  Probably doesn't pay on network, but would be so much better.  Revenge could have used that too.  Now in its 3rd or 4th season and it's tired.  Behind on Homeland.  Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  The damage is still being felt all over the area. A personal note:  Neil Sedaka was on the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour of the Today Show promoting my husband's book, Neil Sedaka: Rock 'n' Roll Survivor.  It's in its second printing.  Great read and a great Chanukah, Ramadan, Christmas, anything present.

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