Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Respect!

I can't believe that we are here again.  A Government Shutdown! I can't believe that I have to write about this again.  Total Hypocrisy!! I can't believe that hubris takes center stage. I can't believe that misplaced beliefs are ruling Congress.  I truly can't understand how the American people can take this. Another slap in the face.  Congress' rating is only a positive 10%, so where are the 90%?  Where is all the shouting?  I feel completely impotent because I live in an area with a Democratic Congressperson and two Democratic Senators.  What can I do?  What can you do?  The President of the United States was re-elected and it has made no difference to many members of Congress.  We keep living on a loop.  It's the same battle.  It's the same unrelenting stubbornness.  The unreasonableness is unbearable.  I don't understand it.  It doesn't compute in my head.  

Can I say it again?  If 90% of Americans don't support Congress, then how can we be where we are?  John Boehner is the biggest loser ever.  No leadership skills.  Only worried about holding on to his title of Speaker of the House.  He is hardly in charge.  The Tea Partiers are.  If John Boehner had any balls, he would rally the 200 Republican members that aren't self-procalimed Tea Baggers and get something done. At least he'd go down fighting.  Now, he's just a spineless, wooden, puppet.  And again, I say, if they truly stand by their convictions, then don't take salaries or benefits.  Suffer with your constituents.  Maybe, just maybe, I could have respect for your actions, but elected members of Congress don't experience any discomfort.  There M.O. is to inflict on others.  Again and again, no respect for them or from them.  

Sidebars:  I saw Gravity.  Go see it as soon as it opens.  Don't read reviews. It is a masterpiece.  The hype will be huge.  Like no other film that I've ever seen before. It is not for the faint of heart, seriously.  Okay, more season premieres.  Homeland; thumbs up, but really missed Brody.  The Good Wife; promising. The Amazing Race; too soon to pick a team. Revenge?  I don't know.  As much as I like Emily Van Camp, I may be done soon.  Didn't get to Masters of Sex yet.  Sunday nights are ridiculous.  I find it so irritating that the CBS Execs think it's good to have premiere night in the East and a 4pm football game!  Throws the carefully DVR'd schedule off.  Everything is perfectly balanced and then the football game runs over and throws everything late.  I know, big problems.  Ha!  The Voice is so fun.  Shark Tank should be in everybody's scheduled recordings.  It is so good!  That's Fridays at 9pm.  Glorious weather here in the East.  Enjoy wherever you are.

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