Monday, June 6, 2016

Shots All Around

I have been ruminating about so many things this past week.  Ever since Drumpf spoke to the NRA and they endorsed him, my mind has been sloshing around with thoughts, fears, ideas.  How the hell did we get here?  Drumpf wants "no gun free zones!!"  I cannot compute that thought.  Maybe he's pandering, but if he doesn't believe it, the people he speaks to do, so the harm is the same.  Nothing is more terrifying than getting a text from your child that they are in lockdown at school and there's a shooter somewhere on campus.  I never imagined how I'd feel until a few weeks ago and I hear my text whistle.  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I, honestly, burst into tears.  The terror that filled my entire body.  The anger that our children are living in a world that guns are so prevalent filled my from bottom to top.  When I was a child, we had earthquake and fire drills.  When my husband was a child they'd have drills for "nuclear" bombs.  As if ducking under a desk would help, but it gave us some feeling of control, maybe.  

Now, this love and out of control gun population is being allowed to rule our lives.  The numbers aren't as big as all that, but they are mighty.  The NRA is supporting and being paid by gun manufacturers.  The fear the NRA has for our repealing the Second Amendment is becoming a self-fulling prophecy.  I've never been against hunters or home protection, people, but the more guns and automatic weapons people can own without any oversight, licensing, or any other controls is f**king ridiculous.  For the bullshitters that think this gun explosion is what our forefathers intended, they are ignorant buffoons spreading fear and hatred.  No surprise that the numbers of guns owned by the few shot up when we elected the first African-American President of the United States of America.  Not a coincidence and the NRA just fueled the fire.  

Not that I wish this ever, but does Drumpf have to have his children or grandchildren live through an hour of terror for his eyes to open to sensible gun control?  Does Wayne LaPierre have to lose a child or grandchild at the hands of a gun-toting maniac for him to get his head out of his ass? Why can't you see the danger before it occurs?  I truly hate Drumpf and what he has able to feed and fuel without any pushback.  Why, if the Republicans know he's bad for the Country and their Party, stand up?  Lose the Presidency with integrity and decency.  Who knows, just maybe you would get some people that feel unwelcome to respect you and join you the next round....


Now, since Facebook has had "trending" controversies, I've been puzzled about the whole topic.  Since it came to light that FB was accused of manipulating trending topics away from Republican stories, I've been watching like a hawk what trends on the right side of my FB page.  Seriously, I get crap trending.  No politics on either side of the aisle shows up.  I get entertainment, sports, who broke up with whom, who fell off the stage, garbage.  All "pop" culture trends.  Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian are having a baby.  Lots of baseball news.  No politics.  I'd rather politics, but it's not there.  You may say that FB knows what I click on, but I click on tons of news and politics, so that's not it.  So, is this a true problem?  Does anyone get politics trending on your right side of your newsfeed?  I really want to know, if it's just me and if it is, how can I get topics that matter more to me rather than everything Kardashian....


Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7th is a big and final primary day for Clinton and Sanders.  The rhetoric from the Sanders camp is damaging the Democrats.  I have read and heard so many Sanders supporters say they'll never vote for Clinton.  I have yet to hear the reverse.  I don't know one Clinton supporter that wouldn't vote for Sanders if Sanders were the Presidential candidate for the Democrats.  Not one.  Why is there so much hatred towards Clinton?  She has been torn to shreds and vetted for her entire adult life.  No one has been more scrutinized than she.  I am an openly full-fledged Clinton supporter but in my wildest dreams would I not vote for the Democratic nominee.  Susan Sarandon has been disgraceful and vocal about her love for Sanders and her disdain for Clinton.  Makes me not want to support her career anymore.  Why does one need to be torn down to build the other up.  Californians make the time to vote tomorrow.  If you live in Santa Clara County, California, I urge you to read about the Judge that sentenced a white Stanford swimmer convicted rapist to 6 months because basically, he's suffered enough.  Really?  Wow, what about the victim, your Honor?!

Sidebars:  This past weekend we lost Muhammad Ali.  Coverage has been vast and will continue through his public service Friday.  What an incredible life and story.  I wonder how many young people under 30 understand his importance.  His is a story to be told and re-told.  -- The Golden State Warriors are up 2-0 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.  The Warriors really take the "I" out of team.  This is a group of vastly talented players that want to win and should be a lesson to young athletes and coaches.  They really are a team.  It's beautiful to watch. -- The Tonys are on Sunday, June 12th.  It should be one of the great telecasts in recent memory.  James Cordon is host.  The incomparable Barbra Streisand will be present for the first time in over 45 years. Hamilton will win everything in the musical categories except best Actress in a musical.  That should be handed to Cynthia Erivo for The Color Purple.  I hope everyone watches and it gets the best ratings in years.  --  The Bachelorette is on tonight, tomorrow, America's Got Talent, Wednesday, American Ninja Warrior and the 3rd NBA final game.  -- I again urge you to get tickets for The Color Purple if you live in NYC or coming to visit.  There are still tickets, many discounts, and the performances are nothing less than stellar.  

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