Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crisis of the Guns

I don't get the gun argument at all. I just don't.  I don't understand the terror and fear of not having enough guns.  Guns for what?  Doesn't anyone see how dangerous too many guns are for our country?  Doesn't anyone understand that the majority of citizens recognize the need for reasonable gun control?  This argument has gone on for decades with no true compromise.  What the hell does anyone need automatic weapons for and large magazines?  Why?  These guns are for soldiers and war.  Do you think we are on the brink of war and nobody let me know?  Are you so afraid of "others" that the only safety is an assault weapon?  Who are the "others"?  Can anyone explain?  

Hunting rifles and revolvers, I understand, but the rest not even a little bit.  The massive weaponry is for one purpose and one purpose alone, to kill. That's it.  That's why they were created.  They can't be used for hunting.  If someone invaded your home, it's literally overkill to pull out your AK-47 or other assault rifles to take them out.  

So what the hell are you stockpiling for?  The more weapons you buy, the more people like me want to take away all your guns because your complete lack of rationale is mind-boggling.  Yes, I will take all your guns away if you can't compromise!  Don't ask me how, but the more you push back, the more unreasonable I am becoming.

Nothing was more moving and historic than to see the great Congressman John Lewis hold a sit-in in the halls of Congress.  It was amazing to watch more and more people give voice to this problem as the hours passed.  It was heroic and passionate.  The frustration is palpable.  The "do-nothing" Congress did something.  They had tons of support from the citizens of this Country too.  Just try to get through to your Congress person or the Speaker of the House...the lines were busy or the message boxes were full.  People were responding.  

So all of you that think the 2nd Amendment is so precious that it can't be touched, answer me this:  if you are crying about civil liberties being compromised, what about mine?  What about my choice not to own guns or feel safe at the Mall or at the movies or theatre or sporting events or college campuses?  Why doesn't that compromise my life and liberties?  Why does your obsessive need and love for guns trump mine not to own guns?  You aren't even that many, but you own an obscene amount of guns in this country and you see nothing wrong with that?  

What are you so afraid of?  You got so freaked out that a black man became President that you felt the need to stockpile an arsenal?  Is that it?  I just heard Kentucky is the State with the most guns.  Another State I can skip. I don't feel safe with your guns.  You may not even be trained.  You have fear.  That's all I can see, and guns and fear doesn't feel safe to this American.  I can go around and around on this, but you have to explain what it is.  What is the reason that you need assault weapons to hunt or protect your home?  You have to use your words not your guns and tell me, why???

That our elected officials don't vote the will of the People, "Houston, we have a problem."  You are supposed to represent Us and you're not.  You are representing the NRA.  The money stinks and is destroying us.  It has to stop so that you listen to the citizens of this Country and not to the few.  

My husband was so disgusted and pained by the mass murder in Orlando and thought for sure gun reform would pass in the Senate.  I knew it wouldn't.  The fact that 26 babies and teachers didn't move our Senators to do anything, I knew a club full of Gay people wouldn't be the ticket.  I don't know how they can look in the mirror, sleep at night, or call for another moment of silence.  I am sickened by your blatant hypocrisy and the pockets full of money you accept not to represent all the People of the United States of America. 

I can go on and on because my complete bafflement and disbelief lives with me everyday.  I shake my head watching the news and listening to our politicians.  I will go down this path, I am sure again, until I get answers and common sense gun bills pass.  I am sick about this. Words are cheap, but don't know what else to do.

Sidebars:  The most important thing about this day it is my babies' birthday.  The best part of me.  They are now young adults making their way out in the world in college, but they will always be my babies.  Happy Birthday to you both. -- America's Got Talent is still great family viewing.  Throwback entertainment with a modern twist.  The Bachelorette is plugging along.  Not the best season so far, but still all in.  The other trashy summer fare began last night with Big Brother.  -- The Broadway bound musical, Dear Evan Hanson started selling tickets.  Check your calendars and get your seats today.  Well worth the money and your time. -- The Broadway community came together to help raise money for the LGBT community in Orlando.  Seth Rudetsky brought many Broadway stars out to sing Bacharach and David's What the World Needs Now.  If you do nothing else, just buy it.  100% of the proceeds are going to help the community in Orlando.  If you haven't seen the video and enjoy your Broadway singers, Google it.  -- I hope everyone in the Southwest will be getting heat relief soon.  It's been a brutal weather year.  Fortunately, NYC has been fairly unscathed so far. 

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