Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Honestly, you are all pissing me off.  Each one of you has been campaigning far too long and I am so tired of all the words and rhetoric.  T***p was always the worst because the hate speech has taken root and feeding the unenlightened.  Now, Sanders, whom I have much admired for his Senate career, is now annoying the f**k out of me.  It's true.  I still would vote for him if he were the Democratic nominee, but I think his ego is getting in the way of reality.  I think he's believing and loving the adulation and cheers.  I'm sure he never expected all the love and never got it before other than from his wife.  

All the whining about the primary systems is BS.  Can anyone out there show me how the system has changed since 2012?  The system for better and worse has been in place in these States forever.  In NY, it's been the same way since 1910.  Pennsylvania for 40 plus years.  If a candidate has proof and facts that the Primary election rules have changed because of their running for President, show me the proof.  Evidence.  Truth. Facts.  

Funny how when many of these candidates weren't running, they didn't know or care about each States election rules.  Didn't have any bearing on their lives.  They voted or didn't vote in their States and not a peep.  Now, all Sanders can do is whine.  T***p, too.  Maybe someone should have schooled them in the nuances of all these different election differences.  I don't think that we need delegates and the electoral college anymore.  I think it should be a straight up majority rules/popular vote.  If we had that system, we wouldn't have had Bush as President or the invasion in Iraq!  BUT we have it, it's been this way forever and nobody bothered to rise up and make changes in our election system.  You should have done the homework and learned the systems in our 50 States and territories.  So, candidate Sanders and T***p, STOP the whining.  

Finished yet another "Super Tuesday."  T***p won big in all 5 primaries: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware.  Clinton won big in 4 out of 5.  Sanders won in the heavy delegate State of Rhode Island.  He isn't giving up yet, though it's clear he won't have the numbers to win the Democratic nomination.  When Obama had a clear path to the nomination in '08, the DNC pressed Clinton heavily to back off and put her full support behind Obama.  She is a good soldier and did exactly that and repaired the rancor caused by a very cantankerous campaign.  Bernie, it's past your time.  You are not helping the Democrats anymore.  You are on the other side of the hill and starting to do harm. What is your end game?  You've done a lot of good, don't ruin it now because of hubris. Look in the mirror.  It's time to be honest with yourself. 
People, Americans, if you missed 60 Minutes this past Sunday, find it.  It will make you sick.  The amount of fundraising that the RNC and DNC demand/suggest of our elected officials is nauseating.  30 hours per week!!  Besides the fact that they are paid an obscene amount of money for life once elected into office, they actually don't have time to work for the people. I am sure it's been featured on John Oliver or Trevor Noah or Jon Stewart, but it is and should be a National disgrace. T***p won't change it.  I'm not sure Sanders will either.  This is something all Americans should care about.  If they really pulled back the curtain on Washington, D.C., there would be a true revolution.  Throw everyone out.  Stop allowing lifetime benefits and salaries for these self-serving elected officials, especially for doing nothing. Focus on overturning Citizens United.  Focus on what your elected official does and gets done while in office.  Make them accountable.  You do have a voice. You do have say.  Take the time.  Dig deep.  

Sidebars:  Kelly Ripa is 100% right.  The haters spewing venom towards her is astonishing.  The Disney executives were 1000% wrong.  Michael Strahan was wrong, but he's "talent" and afraid to lose a job or disobey orders.  Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood absolutely should have looped Kelly Ripa in before the deal was done.  It is the right thing to do if you value your Talent.  Kelly Ripa has been at ABC/Disney for 26 years.  She has helped make them a ton of money.  Look, she makes a lot of money on LIVE, but it's important to treat your star with respect and dignity.  That's it.  Stop the hate.  Strahan is leaving in two weeks instead of four months, and I for one am happy about that.  -- The Voice is full of exceptional talent. If you're not watching, it's time to tune in.  Hard to choose just one, but my money is on Alisan Porter, but it's never who I think it is.  Maybe this year will be different. -- Crushed that Steph Curry got injured in the Spurs/Warriors game.  Then two shocking injuries with the LA Clippers, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.  Horrible.  It certainly makes you realize how fragile bodies are.  In one second, everything changes.  --The news has fully covered the tragic death of Prince, but an asterisk in this is the passing of Billy Paul, big Philadelphia soul singer and one hit wonder of "Me and Mrs. Jones."  Love that song and that sound. -- I'm really beginning to intensely dislike Senator Sanders.  On that note, enjoy your day. 

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