Friday, March 4, 2016

Drs. Drumpfenstein

I'm thrilled that John Oliver discovered Donald T***p's original family name, Drumpf, so I can now freely write without all the asterisks.  So for the purposes of any ruminations, he will forever be Donald Drumpf.  Anyone here know the story of Frankenstein?  You know that the Doctor is Frankenstein who creates the monster, well that's how the media is in this election season.  

Every time the talking heads post how much money the candidates have spent in each State, Drumpf has spent pennies on the others' dollars.  Anyone wonder why?  It's not rocket science. All the "news" shows give him free rein.  Drumpf can call in and get as much airtime as he wants.  He can say anything he wants.  He can drop in in person and sit down with Joe and Mika on Morning Joe or Matt Lauer on The Today Show.  He gets more free time than anyone in any segment of the population.  It's mind-boggling.  What are the talking heads going to do if he's the Republican nominee and they have to give equal time to the Democratic nominee?  It all just makes me shake my head.  Everyday, Drumpf dominates the "news."  The talking heads on every station give him carte blanche to say anything he wants without much challenge at all.  No matter what crazy ass sh*t he says, they just let it lay there.  The follow-up is nonexistent.  

The news media didn't do their job from the beginning.  Drumpf has more crap in his closets that they have refused to investigate and reveal.  They are taking the celebrity ride.  The talking heads all underestimated Drumpf's appeal and were seduced just like his nutsy followers.  In the eleventh Republican debate, Ted Cruz kept hammering Drumpf on his donations to Democratic politicians.  Drumpf rebutted that he gave to both sides of the aisle over the years.  He's a businessman, he had to do that.  Of course, I get that, but doesn't that just illustrate the political problem?  Can't piss off either side because you may need a favor or a permit sped up for approval.  Why didn't anyone hammer him for that?  That's the issue.  That's the crap his followers hate and he has lived it in his business life.  

The only one who has hammered Drumpf on anything of substance is Mitt Romney, but both too little, too late and totally the wrong messenger.  Why aren't the debate moderators demanding answers of substance from him?  Why aren't all the talking heads, that freely take his calls so he can insult and refute anything negatively said about him, follow up with facts.  They did try to use facts and proof in the debate last night, but he still slipped through all the cracks.  

The tenor of the debate was so low and base.  It was embarrassing that that is how demeaning the barbs have become.  The fact that Cruz, Rubio, and Drumpf sound like 3rd grade boys on the playground and no one gets a time out, are terrible lessons to teach.  I heard multiple parents say that they watched the debate with their children and were disgusted and embarrassed at the tone.  Certainly, if you are trying to teach and share the democratic process for the pre-voting age, hard to explain and defend what the hell is going on.  If they spoke like this in a high school debate, they'd be tossed and disqualified, but we have to hear that Drumpf has a "large penis."  We have never ever wanted to hear about his dick or any other candidate's, but that's where we are.  That was the headline out of the eleventh Republican debate.  

The only candidate on the stage that stayed on message, discussed policy, and spoke thoughtfully was John Kasich.  The RNC and Reince Prebus did a huge disservice to their candidates.  They should have demanded four person debates from the beginning.  Should have given everyone a real chance to be heard by the voters.  It's the only way the listener can hear anything. The moderators should get to zap the debaters for going over the time, interrupting anyone, and not answering the questions.  No matter what happens, Drumpf gets the most time every day on the phone, the radio, the debate stage, everywhere.  He has become a monster that can't be stopped and there's no question, the media can take their bow.  They did it.  

Sidebars:  Ok, I am going to keep touting Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS.  Well, worth it.  So is John Oliver on HBO.  Both are once a week, so if that's all the time you can give to political satire and truth telling, it's less than 60 minutes a week.  If you can add in Trevor Noah (which is M-F on Comedy Central), he has hit his stride. And he is so cute to look at, too.  Bill Maher may not be for everyone, but he is wickedly pointed and fearless in his humor.  Sometimes can make me cringe, but often just smart and funny.  -- The Bachelor still has fans shaking their heads.  Ben, the current bachelor, told two women that he loved them.  Wow, seriously?  That's some muck he stepped in and we are wondering how he gets out of that.  He handled himself so dignified and sweet until this past episode, now....Also, don't know why it is becoming so pervasive, particularly on The Bachelor, but using the word "I's" as opposed to tried and true words "mine" or "my" is hard to hear. -- Very few things in sports is making me happier than Stef Curry and the Golden State Warriors.  The anticipation of counting down the days until Opening Day...April 4th, also makes a girl happy. Hear, hear to Brandi Chastain for announcing that she will donate her brain for research of female athlete concussions.  TGIF and the "last blast of Winter."  Hope the meteorologists are right.  Happy Weekend!

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