Monday, June 1, 2015

Repo Men

Does anyone remember a few years back, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and its environs were slammed by devastating flood waters from Hurricane Sandy? The worst natural disaster in decades here in New York.  Breezy Point, Queens was destroyed by water and fire.  Seems impossible, but it happened.  Many neighborhoods are still trying to recover.  We have friends whose Manhattan apartment took at least 18 months to return to its previous luster.  So, we, the people, needed Federal dollars to help those that were wiped out by the Storm of the Century. Remember, Governor Chris Christie getting too "huggy" with President Obama trying to show him around his State's devastation?  Many Republicans vomited a bit over that.  Can't do that and be a Republican.  Bad Chris Christie, bad. When Congress was voting for emergency funding for our "northern elitist democratic" part of the country, many Republicans wouldn't vote for the package.  Can you believe that?  The Federal government that is supposed to help those in dire need being nickel and dimed by many Republicans in Congress.  

So, here we are. One of the loudest opposers to send money to our vicinity to help re-build...Senator Ted Cruz.  Do you know what State he represents?  Yes, you are right.  The "great" State of Texas.  Did you hear that they have had calamitous flooding with multiple deaths?  It has been horrifyingly scary to view on the news.  Now, Senator Cruz has his hand out.  He needs to procure funds to help his State through this terrible natural disaster.  Again,  Ted Cruz.  He, who is a climate change denier and a "no" vote for victims of Hurricane Sandy, has his hand out!  Is that right?  Is that fair?  So, you only vote for things that help a few and not many?  That's the game in Congress?  Maybe we should keep tallies of Senate and Congressional votes for and against the needs of the people.  If you voted against one segment of the population, you can't come crawling back for your constituents.  

This "me" perspective in our government is disgraceful.  It's why nothing is getting done.  No one is actually "true" to himself.  Just whichever way the money flows to your campaign, is the way you vote.  What happened to "for the people, by the people."  Anyway, I would be far more tit for tat with these politicians.  That is definitely my initial thought.  Particularly, Texas, whose leaders often bring up seceding from the USA or bashing President Obama with ridiculous charges.  Two can play that game, but that wouldn't help the people that need help to rebuild their homes and their lives.  So, I sit conflicted, but know that I am often more a christian than the Christians mouthing off and spouting hate.  

Historically, we, Americans, have always stepped up and helped our neighbors.  Only in recent years have we pitted so many against others.  It's time to find the true American in our politicians.  They've lost it.  It all goes back to the money.  I will keep saying it...get the money out.  We can't get a "Mr. Smith" with the money poisoning the crops.  So, Senator Cruz, next time a State other than yours needs help, just say yes or we will just take back all the money we gave to Texas.  

Sidebars:  Thrilled to see the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair.  Caitlyn Jenner is finally revealed in all her glory.  Takes the sting out of the paparazzi so leave her alone.  Will they?  They don't have to follow her relentlessly anymore.  NBA finals begin on Thursday, June 4th between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Rooting hard and loud for GS, but will be happy for Cleveland if it goes that way.  Just hoping for a very strong series.  No flagrant fouls!  American Ninja Warriors is back for summer.  It's great fun family fare.  America's Got Talent is also back, another great family show.  The Bachelorette is back and not family fare, definitely.  The Tony Awards are Sunday, June 7th.  There's been a petition going around to get The Tony producers to give Tommy Tune his rightful presentation for receiving his lifetime achievement award.  Doubt it will happen, but they really should or what's the point of giving that award?  There are now 9 Republican candidates running for President, more to come, and that D****d T***p is rumored to be throwing his hat into the ring.  UGH!  Barf!  It's June 1st, rainy and cold here. June isn't busting out all over, yet.

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