Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I really want to write about this final week in high school, but I feel nothing.  It's odd.  I've been dreading this week of the "last" high school everything and, now, tomorrow is my kids graduation and I'm feeling a little numb, annoyed, hopeful.  I really have nothing. Now believe me, I shed tears yesterday when one of the Seniors sang Send in the Clowns.  Stunning song that sung well, evokes deep emotion.  It did.  I felt such pride for all the kids that presented their final projects. How far they've all come since we walked through the door in kindergarten.

Tonight is the Senior dinner where we all get together, immediate family only, mind you, and are feted by the eleventh graders and the administration.  Fun?  Well, I'm going with the que sera, sera attitude.  It could be a great evening or not.  No, seriously, it could go either way.  The "feters," this year, are not happy about the feting.  We feel it, but have every hope that they can put all that aside and throw a good event.  It is a lot of work, but who cares, it's your turn next year, rising Seniors....We all will be home before 10pm to dream about the final pomp and circumstance tomorrow.  

How will I feel seeing my babies in their caps and gowns?  I really can't imagine. It feels surreal. The changes and transitions in the very near future are coming.  They will mean different things to each of us.  I often feel like Fanny Brice, "nervous, happy, scared, excited."  It really does sum up the plethora of feelings that happen simultaneously. It changes from second to second.  I hear the A Cappella singers are singing "I'll Be Seeing You." Really?  They really want people to shed tears, don't they?  I hope that's an incorrect rumor.  That's another heart wrenching song that means different things decade to decade.  It began as a song during WWII, and now, it can mean anything you want it to mean.  At graduation time...oy vey.  Maybe the ceremony will be too long, sitting on uncomfortable pews and the temperature steamy that we will be so happy to be out of there, we will let the door hit us on the way out....Maybe the ceremony will hit the perfect note of what has been for these Seniors and what will be....Definitely, perspectives are different from the kids and the parents or from the parents who are "graduating" also from the school and the parents who have younger kids still there.  There are those dying to get out and move on and those that have mixed feelings.  

No matter where we all stand on the spectrum, I wish from the bottom of my heart that all these children take what they've learned thus far and keep pushing the boundaries in life. Always question.  Open new doors. Shatter the ceiling.  You can be the person you want to be.  Trust that always. Surround yourself with people that have your back and tell you the truth.  Your cocoon is opening and you are all ready to fly.  Fly and be safe.  

Sidebars:  I didn't do my usual critique of the Tonys Monday.  Why?  They kind of bored me and depressed me. Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming did what was asked of them.  What was asked of them sometimes was nauseating.  When they kowtowed and brown nosed Harvey Weinstein it was so obvious and unseemly.  I thought that Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth might as well have been on their knees.  Not sure who is trying to get future business with Harvey, but that was so gross.  Not their fault. They are talent and do what they are directed to do.  Is it CBS?  Rick Kirshner?  They destroyed In Memoriam once again.  You do not have to re-invent the wheel.  Post photos, names, and occupation of the people being honored for their lives in the theatre. You don't need to use Josh Groban and feature him more prominently than the deceased loved ones.  You have to get this right next year.  This is your second year in a row getting it disgracefully wrong. Keep it simple and respectful. Okay, NBA finals are a killer.  Really hard to watch from beginning to end when the last 5 minutes is all you need.  That's heart stopping enough. Cavs lead Golden State 2 games to 1.  Huge kudos to rookie pitcher Chris Heston of the San Francisco Giants pitching a no-hitter!!!  The roller coaster begins and I will be in touch on the other side.  Congratulations to all the 2015 graduates.

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