Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Give 'em Hell, Hillary!

Don't know where to begin. Hillary Clinton finally announced her run for the President of the United States.  No surprise to anyone.  She has been the presumptive Democratic frontrunner forever.  What also isn't a surprise is the disgusting rhetoric from the Right, though they may have reached another new low when some artist turned the H in Hillary into the twin towers with a plane hitting it and dark smoke emanating from the H.  Seriously?  As if Hillary Clinton had anything to do with 9/11.  Spread that sort of image and lie, subliminally it will hit ignorant people.  People believe what they want to believe and facts are illusive.  The knives are out and sharpened.  Whether you like her or not, the real question needs to be, "would she be a good leader? a good President?"  You don't have to like her and probably won't if you are already in that camp, but look at her record.  Look at all she has achieved.  

There is no way that I ever thought that she would go on to be one of the most important and influential people in her own right after her eight years as First Lady.  As a matter of fact, when Hillary Clinton came to New York State to run for Senator, I was not happy.  I was bitter and annoyed at the carpetbagging, but, historically speaking, she wasn't the first.  Robert F. Kennedy was accused of being a carpetbagger too, and he ended up representing the State of New York well.  So, she ran and won.  She was a very strong and committed Senator.  Did I agree with every vote, certainly not, but she repped well.  Ran an incredibly terrible Presidential campaign and lost the primary to Barack Obama. I knew she was in trouble when so many intelligent and educated women that I know weren't supporting her election.  She lost handily.  She was chosen by President Obama to be Secretary of State.  She served our Country well with so many naysayers and haters at her heels constantly.  When she retired, who could have blamed her? That job is brutal.  Always on the road trying to put out fires worldwide and the fires are getting far more constant and at the same time.  A terrible way to live but a wonderful way to serve.  

Hillary Clinton let the talking heads and writers bend in the wind for a long time. Would she?  Wouldn't she?  I really could make an argument for either side, but she is.  I think she is a formidable person who happens to be a woman.  The Right can only see a woman and a democrat.  They hate her.  The New York Post is going to reignite all of their misogyny and anti-feminist headlines and columns.  Andrea Peyser has made her career trashing and tearing down women for years now.  She's ready.  The hate will be pervasive from the Right.  They hate her, they hate her husband.  They will spend billions trying to destroy her and bring up every last "scandal" surrounding her.  They will not spend money on truth and qualifications.  On paper, she is without a doubt the most qualified to be President.  The focus will be on all the irrational feelings of hate.  

Former Secretary of State and Senator Clinton may run unopposed.  That is truly unfortunate.  I think it will not serve the democratic process, but the way the system now works, the Parties run the system and money is all that matters. The amount of money projected to be spent on the 2016 Presidential election is nauseating.  The money that the candidates will all raise and the PACS and Super PACS will raise will be in the billions of dollars.  Too bad that money gets wasted and we get so little from it.  That money could be used for the better good, if we had campaign finance reform, if we used public funds only, if the campaign season was two months not two years, if, if, if.   Good people are going untapped and undiscovered.  No more Mr. or Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington.  It can't happen.  

Sidebars:  Spring is finally here.  We can finally say so long to Winter here in the NYC.  Hoping that I'm not jinxing it.  The sun is shining, the grass is green. Broadway is thriving currently. Tons of shows are opening and the streets are packed with tourists and patrons in midtown.  Started watching the PBS production of Wolf Hall.  Figured I'd do better watching in my family room than trying to see the live two-part British production.  The cast is stellar and not too late to give it a try.  For those that have missed seeing Damien Lewis on Homeland, he is now inhabiting Henry the VIII.  The incredible Mark Rylance and Jonathan Price are also starring.  If you saw Love Actually and wondered what happened to the sweet son of Liam Neesom in that movie, he's now a young adult and in this production and still cute.  The Voice is whipping by fast.  Down to the top ten. It's been great fun and far too much talent.  The Good Wife is hanging on by a thread, as far as I am concerned.  Haven't liked most of the season and plot lines and still waiting for Kalinda's exit.  :-( There's much more but it's too beautiful to stay inside.  So enjoy your day and I'll be back soon.

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