Friday, April 24, 2015


With all the 2016 Presidential candidates running around talking to voters and supporters, it dawned on me again, how money has absolutely hijacked and ruined our democratic process.  Every candidate is trying to get elected and the only way to get elected is to not speak the truth to their supporters!  How incredibly ridiculous is that?  I know that campaigning often brings out the liar in them all, but with the kowtowing that goes on to get the backing from the donors, lobbyists, and bribers, truth is lost.  Can't the people see that?  Can't the people rise up and demand Citizens United be obliterated?  Look how incredible the people did voicing their dismay and anti Comcast/Time-Warner merger.  The people stood up against that, loud and clear, with the guidance and help of John Oliver.  Can't we, the people, stand up against the Koch Brothers and the Sheldon Adelson's of America and say, no more?!  They are the famous names but there are many more in the shadows.  The lies and hedging answers that the candidates spew are insulting to the process but that has become both common and acceptable.  I am not, I repeat not, putting this on one party or the other, but I will say that the Republicans have excelled at changing their spots to try to get elected.  

Look at Mitt Romney.  He had to completely change his position on so many important topics to twist himself into whom the Party wanted him to be.  No one bought it.  He had a record as Governor of Massachusetts.  He did some good things as Governor, but when he ran for President?  All that went out the window and he had to tap dance around all of his previous achievements.  How stupid is that?  How dumb are people  that accept all that?  It's happening now all over again.  Candidates don't want or can't say how they really feel;  what they really stand for or would fight for.  It's a mockery of democracy.  

We have important issues that need to be debated and discussed openly and honestly.  Climate change; check.  Equal Pay for Women; check.  Gun regulation; check. Foreign policy; check.  Immigration; check.  Are they?  Not so much.  Look, do I think there wasn't all this truthiness always in elections?  Of course, there was, but now with all the ridiculous and outrageous money spent on elections nationwide, it is far more egregious.  If you have to answer to people that are backing your campaign financially, then you are beholden to them.  For anyone to think otherwise, is hiding his head in the sand.  

So where is the outrage from the people?  We have shown that when it matters to us, we can make a difference.  Just tell that to Comcast.  Do we have to have John Oliver or Jon Stewart show us the way? Can we not see what's going on by ourselves and make our voices heard?  Lobbyists will always exist, but they once used the power of persuasion and debate, now it's all about the money.  They have illustrated the corruption of money in politics very well on The Good Wife, but we need to fight for the survival of our Democracy now.  We need to fight for we, the people, of the United States of America.  

Sidebars:  Today in the New York Post there was a big headline that Tom Brady was a no-show with his team, the New England Patriots, at the White House.  I thought it was unconscionable that the big star wasn't there.  The only explanation was he had a family commitment.  I need more than that.  My spouse felt I was too harsh and who cares about going to the White House.  Well, it's symbolic.  It's the perceived disrespect or snub.  If Tom Brady's wife was in labor,  then he should miss the White House, but very few excuses seem good enough.  Okay, enough on that.  Dancing With the Stars has gotten so over-produced.  The Voice is on that same path.  Watch it producers.  Something Rotten opened on Broadway.  I saw it before opening and had the best time.  Many, many belly laughs. Ben Brantley of The New York Times sharpened his pen and was so nasty.  I have to say I was stunned by the vitriol.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is an audience pleaser.  I can't believe that The Heidi Chronicles is closing.  Wendy Wasserstein's play deserved better than that.  I'm guessing the ticket prices are making it harder and harder to swallow.  Is there a limit?  Will you be home watching the Bruce Jenner interview tonight on ABC?  I am fascinated by all of it.  I will be watching.  It's Friday. TGIF.  Enjoy everyone.

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