Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bah, DiBlasio!

I didn't vote for our Mayor.  I didn't like him from the moment I was introduced to him through my television screen, but I tried to have hope when he was elected.  I knew people that were supporters and tried to have faith, but....I can't stand him.  I think that Bill DiBlasio is the worst Mayor this city has had in decades and maybe ever.  He comes across completely inauthentic.  When his big campaign promise was the banning of the horse and carriages, I knew we were in trouble.  There are so many other far more important issues in this city, besides the fact that I think it's all being propelled by emotion and not facts.  I love the Horse and Carriages.  It is one of the last bastions of the past in this town.  They have put into place more restrictions for the well being of the horses.  If the City Council actually passes to ban the horses, I surely hope that all the facts that their decision is based are revealed.  What happens to the horses if they can't work anymore?  I've heard they get put down.  Is that true?  I have also heard that one of DiBlasio's biggest campaign donors wants the land that the stables sit.  Is that true?  Facts, people, just the facts.  Not emotion!!!!

Every time Mayor DiBlasio opens his mouth, it's a disaster.  After a long grueling decision making process (and I say that with every ounce of sarcasm), the DiBlasios decided to move on up to Gracie Mansion where every Mayor has resided other than Mike Bloomberg.  This past weekend, we were treated to the news, that he added a fence without permits so that he could have more privacy.  Seriously???  It's the People's home.  It's just on loan to him.  No Permits!!!!!! What the hell was he thinking?  I hope that the neighborhood makes him take it down.  Who the hell does he think he is?

He was in office for 6 or 7 months, when he did something no other Mayor has done since I've lived here...he took a two week vacation to Italy with his family.  Really?  After only 6 months???  We foot the bill for some of that trip and it's totally unacceptable.  It's disgusting.  Again, he plays the "everyman" and just isn't.  I am a bit surprised that there wasn't a louder out cry about that.  

It was also revealed that the historical artwork that grace the walls of City Hall and Gracie Mansion aren't diverse enough for him.  Are you f**king kidding me??  It's historical portraits.  You can't whitewash history and change it to your liking.  You can't pretend that the history in New York is different than it is.  It's history!  

DiBlasio has alienated much of the police force in recent weeks.  He needs their backing and he's loosing them.  He was asked by one police association not to show up to a fallen officers funeral.  During the protests this past weekend, two police officers were injured by a few unruly protesters throwing a garbage can at their car windshield.  DiBlasio called it alleged.  The police are furious.  They feel completely unsupported.  Who can blame them?  Overall, all of the protests have gone on without incident from both sides, but if he doesn't back his police force....

We are only at the tail end of his first year.  It is going to be a very long term.  I see no hope while he parades around this city as "Mayor."  We are the fools that suffer.  Who in the world can run in 2016?  Please, please someone step out of the shadows.  I guess you can tell, that when DiBlasio speaks, my blood boils over.  Sigh.

Sidelines:  Okay, on a happier note.  It is the first night of Chanukah, Christmas is in a week, 2015 is in two weeks, and we get to start all over again.  The Voice finale is tonight.  Vacation begins soon.  Seniors everywhere are finding out about college acceptances.  So, to everyone, wishing you and yours a very healthy and happy New Year.  May all your dreams be bright.

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