Friday, September 12, 2014

Sick to My Stomach

I am so appalled how many women don't get it.  I understand men not getting it but even they are evolving.  There were tons of women at the Ravens-Steelers game wearing their Ray Rice #27 jersey and supporting him. Wondering why he was fired.  It happened six months ago, so why get terminated now?  Seriously?  Ravens and Rice fans are killing me. They don't understand the gravity of what happened even after seeing him cold-cock her and drag her lifeless body so callously out of the elevator.  What could possibly affect them if not that tape? 

This is the same group, team, owners, coaches, fans, that unveiled their homage to Ray Lewis in a life-size statue at the entrance to the Ravens Stadium.  Remember Ray Lewis?  He was involved in a double murder in a late night brawl.  He somehow got off.  Paid the victims families.  No time served.  Returned to the line-up with deafening applause.  He is since retired and has become the go-to guy on the Ray Rice domestic violence abuse.  Ray Lewis mentored Ray Rice when he was drafted to the Ravens.  Maybe he was the wrong guy to take a young athlete under his wing.  Not laying it at Ray Lewis' feet, but he did get away with murder.  

In my own little way, I tried to start a movement to stop people from watching the Steelers/Ravens game last night.  Other Facebook friends re-posted my thoughts.  Wanted it to gain traction, but I started too late due to circumstances beyond my control.  I still am a Pollyanna.  I thought, just maybe, there would be a ground swell, not because of me at all, but because fans and NFL supporters are sick of the billionaire boys club owners, the overpaid athletes, and the ridiculous ticket and stadium prices.  But no, actually, the overnight ratings were 108% better than in the past.  Kills me.  No wonder the NFL is so powerful.  The "little" people don't care.  

Though there is a trend to not allow young kids to play.  Parents are getting wiser and realizing that the risk-reward ratio isn't worth it.  Most kids don't make it.  Many Pop Warner groups are shrinking and schools are taking a longer look at the policies surrounding practice and play.  But really, I am getting away from my original nausea.  I can't believe how disappointing women are to me.  As a group, they let me down all the time.  I am distressed that the younger generations have no idea how women got this far, take it all for granted, and, in some cases, have completely misconstrued what a feminist is.  If women don't stand up to the NFL and the Ravens, who will?  Who will make a difference?  Tony Kornhiser and Michael Wilbon are screaming loudly on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption.  Phil Mushnick of the New York Post wrote about all the "criminals" of the NFL being sought after for coveted television jobs.  It's not Andrea Peyser, featured columnist, who has made her recent career tearing down one woman after another.  

Women are so overlooked and we allow it to happen.  How many middle school or high school history courses are devoted to the women's movement?  From where I sit, it is zero.  So maybe it's not the younger generation's fault. The women that are not understanding what Ray Rice did or feel sorry for him or think that his wife must've done something to provoke him or just don't care because they just blindly love their football team, take a long look in the mirror.  You are contributing to the problem.  

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