Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Deciphering the Truth

Having a hard time deciphering this latest possible debacle from our government.  Did you hear the news that we released 5 "terrorists" from Guatanamo for 1 POW that had been imprisoned for 5 years?  From the initial reporting, I thought it was very odd.  I thought we never negotiated with terrorists.  I thought that was a rule never to be bent or broken, but we did.  I had never heard of Bowe Bergdahl until his release, but when the story began to unfold, I started questioning this decision from leaders.  President Obama didn't make this decision in a vacuum.  He did consult with the highest members  of Congress and the Pentagon, but there is something about this story that doesn't pass the smell test.  Bowe Bergdahl walked out of his base 5 years ago.  He deserted his post.  Why was he leaving camp?  What was his plan?  In that decision, he was captured by our "enemy."  In the past 5 years, 6 soldiers have been killed trying to rescue Bergdahl.  Even that doesn't pass the smell test.  Why in the world would we spend energy rescuing and negotiating for the release of a man that seemingly was bolting from his responsibilities?  How tragic for the parents and families of the lost soldiers fighting to save Bergdahl.  So what's the real story?  Is Bowe Bergdahl a spy?  I watch a lot of spy movies and television shows.  This feels far more like a CIA agent being captured and returned, than a possible deserter.  It feels more like Homeland than the face value they are feeding us.  It feels like a plot on Covert Affairs.  It doesn't make sense.  This is a story we may never know the full truth because of all the classified information, but it can't be what it seems.  We can't have made the decision to trade 5 Gitmo terrorists for 1 soldier that looked as if he was walking away from his comrades and post, If that's the whole story, it's positively dumbfounding.  

I keep getting more and more skeptical of everyone in government, leading us, making decisions on our behalf.  I don't care if it's a Democrat or Republican.  We, the People, are not getting served well.  The money is corrupting the system and the pool.  If we could get all the money and lobbyists out, maybe, just maybe, we could regain the trust we once had in our leaders and elected officials.  There is a movement in front of SCOTUS to regain control of the money pouring into the system, but I don't have much hope.  The once respected Supreme Court has turned into a bought and sold court.  Makes me sad and disappointed.  Am I too young (which I'm not) to remember it was always like this and I have romanticized the whole system?  That isn't a rhetorical question.  

If you can DVR and watch John Oliver's show on HBO this week, it is illuminating.  Though he is a comic in the tradition of Jon Stewart, he does an outstanding job in explaining the week's top stories.  This week's episode is how the far-right is taking over Europe.  He reminds us what happens when the far-right is in control and shows the hate being spewed by the citizens of different countries and rallies for their chosen candidates.  It is disturbing, to say the least.  The second half is all about net-neutrality.  He does an outstanding job of explaining what it means, what we could lose, who is fighting for and against, etc.  It is well worth your time.  It is an important issue and if we lose net-neutrality we will never get it back. Pay attention.  Read about it.  Write your Congressman and Senator.  Write the FCC and tell them how you feel.  Spread the word.  This isn't a little thing that may happen.  This is gigantic.  This is a threat to all of us that enjoy the internet and all its freedoms.  Here's a link to part of the episode, but find the whole thing.  It is well worth your time and maybe schedule it in your weekly recordings.  If you don't like the topics, then you can delete, but I think John Oliver is on to something:

Sidebars:  This current season of The Bachelorette has unfolded into a very uncomfortable and painful story.  Not for what happens on camera, well not exactly.  Eric Hill, one of the 25 bachelors vying for Andi Dorfman's attention, was off the show.  He was a self-described adventurer.  Hang-gliding one weekend, a gust of wind took him and slammed him into a mountain, crushing him and killing him.  The Producers of The Bachelorette decided to dedicate the season to him, but not edit him out.  I wonder how the family feels about that.  And on a lighter note, Andi Dorfman went to LSU and law school at Wake Forest.  She's been a prosecutor in Atlanta.  She said with a straight face in the last episode, "Dylan's and I's....!!!!!!!!  Seriously???  This isn't the first person on television to say this, but it's appalling.  We have a word people.  The word is mine! I can't stand the desecration of the English language. I can't stand it.  Sigh.  Tonight a great family treat is America's Got Talent.  If you have a family, this is today's Ed Sullivan Show.  Enjoy the day!  

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