Friday, March 14, 2014


We begin Spring break at 3:15pm EDT today.  Everyone is packing up to go somewhere.  For the parents of 11th graders, here in New York City, we are faced with a very daunting task.  We are looking at colleges.  Families are going up and down the east coast, the midwest, and the west coast.  I can't even believe that in less than 18 months, my babies will be packing up their clothes and treasures and going off to college and begin their adult lives.  It's overwhelming, no doubt.  

When I was a kid, there was none of this.  When I was in 7th grade, my family was on a trip to Los Angeles.  We drove around the exterior of UCLA and I decided that I wanted to go there.  That was it.  No muss, no fuss.  When it was time to take the SAT's, we took them.  I don't know anyone that was tutored endless hours to get the best score on a test that really isn't a gage of intelligence or lifelong success.  We took them and hardly looked back.  Got back my scores and was very grateful that in the olden days, the UC system didn't care so much about scores if you had a high GPA.  That was really lucky.  

The day I left for college, it was my birthday.  I can't remember how I got to the airport, but I presume my Dad dropped me off.  My Mom was recovering from surgery.  My sister had pneumonia.  I flew down by myself with my suitcases to begin a new chapter.  A friend of mine that lived in Los Angeles was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, take me to my dorm, and then took me to dinner (for those UCLAers, JoJo's).  She dropped me back off again at Hedrick Hall and that was it.  

Today, we are so involved in the process.  The planned trips to visit colleges is meticulously mapped out.  The meetings with college counselors and tutors to get the best out of our kids.  I am an SAT naysayer, but we have to play the game.  I don't care what your score is I am sure there is no correlation to a lifetime of success. Wonder what Steve Jobs got....

Anyway, the future is hitting me in the face.  The reality is right in front of me that my children will be beginning their own new chapters soon in a new city, with new adventures, and new friends.  It's very hard to let go, but the only thing that will get me through it is all the other wonderful friends I have that will be going through it.  It's just that I will be going through two at the same time.  It's making me appreciate every single moment that much more, but we are off.  The look sees begin.  The bags are packed and the migration begins.  

Sidebars:  Mayor DiBlasio hasn't had one good day in office from where I sit.  Seriously.  Law and Order: SVU could be in trouble.  Dick Wolf pay attention. This week's episode was annoying and they've cut too many series regulars that they are down to five!  Five?!  Time to bring in new detectives.  It's ridiculous. Mr Wolf, I know you are involved with keeping Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on the air, but don't let SVU fall apart, please.  I didn't talk about The Bachelor but so much has been said.  It's a season better forgotten.  Scandal is ludicrous. Sirens is worth a try, which is on opposite on USA.  COSMOS is well worth it. Everyone should watch it.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks in layman's terms, really.  Happy NCAA brackets!  Go UCLA wherever you land.  Hopefully, Spring will arrive soon.  70% of the country is waiting impatiently.

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