Friday, March 28, 2014

Catching Up

I was away on a road trip.  While I was gone, many things happened and caused me to pause.  The tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been mystifying and confusing. How incredibly painful it must be to be a family member or friend of anyone on the plane.  What a roller coaster it's been.  They saw something, they didn't, they heard a ping, they didn't, they looked in the wrong place multiple times.  The family members were demanding answers.  The cost of the search has been gigantic.  To what end?  Nothing. They've found nothing.  I think the Malaysian Prime Minister just decided to cut it off.  Nothing new happened, but last week he declared the plane was gone and there were no survivors.  I think they just didn't know what to do, so they made a declaration.  No way did that satisfy the families.  We all can see through it.  Everyone's tired.  They don't know what else to do.  The search has been exhaustive and they've come up with absolutely nothing.  There is no peace.  There is no solace.  There is no closure.  You can decide to call it, but it's not a baseball game. This will be a raw, deep primal pain for all these families forever.  

Anna Wintour putting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue stirred a lot of feelings.  Sarah Michelle Geller tweeted she was cancelling her subscription and encouraged others to follow suit.  Talk shows used up air time to discuss what the upset is all about.  I don't care, honestly, other than the fact that it cheapens the magazine.  It feels like Kanye was able to woo Anna Wintour into this decision.  After Anna Wintour cancelled Miley Cyrus' cover, this is so bizarrely hypocritical.  What in the world could Kanye West have promised Anna Wintour?  Seriously, what could she possibly want from him?  It's a shame.  I think it was a bad decision and the credibility of Vogue has taken a hit.  Maybe there is a chink in the armor. 

Also, two network television shows had shocking storyline turns.  Scandal was up first and lost a supporting and well liked character in a surprise calculated murder.  The second and by far the most shocking since "Who Shot JR"...The Good Wife.  That they murdered one of the stars of the series was earth shattering.  You could feel the earth move.  You could hear the gasps from house to house.  Twitter exploded.  It was the best kept secret.  Maybe the (presumed) threat of getting fired, if you told, should be used in Washington, D.C.  If you DVR'd The Good Wife and didn't watch it "live," you were screwed.  There was no way to avoid hearing the news.  It was in every newspaper, all over the internet, and television. Can the show survive without Josh Charles?  We shall see.  It's a very bold move and maybe just what the show needed.  Time will tell. There are a few more episodes to go for the season.

Sidebars: March Madness began and we are in the middle of the Sweet Sixteen.  My two teams are out, Stanford and UCLA.  My interest has waned but we shall see who makes it to the Final Four.  Maybe I can pick it up again.  NCIS has planted the seeds for the next spin-off, NCIS: New Orleans.  Look, Scott Bakula is wonderful, but he is no Mark Harmon.  It will be interesting to see how it flies.  If they shoot on location, it will make it a beautiful backdrop, but if it is a studio lot shoot....Winter will not leave the East.  It is time to go.  We have been more than patient.  Enough already.  When the UN presents what all intelligent people already know, maybe we can try to make global environmental changes.  They found that the ice caps are melting faster than they imagined. Maybe it will shake people up or we are literally sunk.  Okay, everyone, enjoy the weekend.  TGIF wherever you are.

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