Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guns, Guns, Everywhere

It's a song that keeps getting sung.  It's the song that should be banned.  It's the song that should never have been written, but guns have taken over this country in the worst way.  The NRA controls D.C., clearly.  If you speak for common sense gun reform, they spend millions of dollar to take you out in the next election.  Their silence is disgraceful and abnormal.  Okay, well, normal for today's Republicans, but not for regular folk.  Regular people that are thoughtful and open minded can disagree, criticize, and compromise.  Not these guys.  Did you hear the deafening silence from anyone in the Republican party after the shoot out at LAX Friday?  I know, I should expect nothing more, but these are elected officials and all they worry about are their own jobs. It's unfathomable that John Boehner can't give an inch.  He can't stand up and say something has to give.  We can't keep having these gun toting males go into our public venues and kill people.  The NRA and the right wing      extremists have to see that their philosophy is not working.  There were armed guards at LAX, didn't stop anything.  Now, they probably will want the TSA officers to be locked and loaded.  That's their answer for everything. 

Monday night in the East coast, our sense of commerce, capitalism, and safety was challenged again when breaking news reported there was a male carrying a long gun, maybe an AK47 through the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ!!!!!!!!  In the largest mall in the East, maybe only second to the Mall of America, a mad man terrorized the citizens/shoppers.  People heard gun shots, ran for stores and their cars.  The police presence was vast and fast.  The reports came in sporadically.  It was shocking and painful.  We are on the cusp of the most important season for retailers and a young man in camos and helmet shows up to shake everyone up.  Thankfully, he shot himself and terrorized many, but no one else lost their life or was shot.  BUT how can you feel comfortable going to packed malls with this hanging over your head?  Why can't the leadership in Washington, D.C. denounce this violence and behavior?  Oh, yes, that's right, they'll be voted out of office.  That's the most important point.  Your job. Your safety.  Not the millions of Americans that enjoy shopping and spending.  Buying presents, going to movies, lunch, dinner.  That's not as important as your job in D.C.

You, people, you do-nothing politicians, are the lowest of the low.  Narcissistic.  Not interested in all.  Interested in a few.  You, sirs, are poor excuses for humans and men.  It's not on the women of the Senate and the Congress. They don't have the numbers yet. (Though without the  women in the Senate and the women in Congress, the government might still be shut down). I really can't believe that I have to keep addressing this.  There must be something else to talk about, but with every gun event, the outrage and impotence grows.

Sidebars:  Homeland continues to gain momentum.  We haven't had to go back to Caracas, so the storyline has been good.  The Good Wife, oy, don't get me started.  I may have to go off another day, but they may have to change the name soon.  The Blacklist was good but interrupted by the shooting in Jersey last night, so didn't get to see Robert Sean Leonard's climax.  The Voice went to live shows and always enjoy the singing.  Tonight, more Voice.  Also, it's voting day in NYC.  We have two people running for Mayor of the greatest city and neither choice is good.  It won't be up to my vote.  The Democratic candidate is supposed to win in a landslide.  I did vote.  I always exercise my constitutional right to vote.  It's very important to me even when I feel less than enthusiastic.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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