Thursday, November 14, 2013

Affordable Care or Not

So, the Republicans are dancing in the streets of D.C. and all over their districts.  Mitch McConnell's war from the outset of President Barack Obama's presidency is finally showing blood.  They can taste it.  At all cost, no matter whether truths or falsehoods.  

I am going to get myself into complex waters by taking this on but the truth is if Congress would work how it is supposed to work, none of this hell storm would be happening on the ACA website.  Congress is supposed to pass laws, then, and this is the very important piece, then tweak it and perfect it.  Our Representatives go into committees to make sure that the law that was passed, no matter the law, will be refined and improved.  That is the job of our lawmakers.  All of our lawmakers.  Sometimes we may not like the laws that get passed, but that's how democracy works.  

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as the Republicans coined, could have worked far more smoothly than it has so far if all the elected lawmakers read, studied, and proposed improvements.  That wasn't what was good for the re-elections.  Their interests were always self-interests.  That the constituents don't get that and keep re-electing the good-for-nothing politicians that don't suffer one tiny bit.  They didn't suffer when they shut down the government. They have a fantastic health plan for life, which is in itself ludicrous.  We, the People, have made being a Senator or Congressman the cushiest job in America.  The lawmakers should not be living the good life, while Americans suffer.  Their hypocrisy is nauseating.  Their outrage over the problems with the roll out and the perceived out and out lie from the President is incredibly ingenuous.  They wanted it to be a failure from the get go.  Why not be honest about it?  You can see the drool trickling out of Darryl Issa's mouth.  They are all gnawing on the bones.  

The only honest statement made was from Mitch McConnell on President Obama's election night.  Since then, lies and more lies, hypocrisy running rampant.  Wake up!  No citizen is winning, not a one.

Sidebars:  It was great to see JFK's grandson at Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's swearing in ceremony.  He's handsome and hope that he takes the mantle and contributes to the future. The Voice still is charging on through the ratings and entertainment.  Dancing With the Stars is down.  I wish they weren't opposite each other.  The Biggest Loser only being an hour is the best improvement of the television season.  Watching Survivor for the first time from the beginning. They got me with the premise of teaming with a loved one.  It hasn't been as juicy as I thought, but hanging in until the end.  I think a lot of shows have jumped the shark; pushing the lines of believability: The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Revenge, Homeland, Covert Affairs, White Collar, to name a few.
The X Factor has turned all their judges into the nicest bunch of critics ever.  Even Simon Cowell has Paula Abdul disease.  

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