Monday, August 5, 2013

Say It Ain't So

Okay, so today is the day.  After MLB has been flexing their "muscles" and bloviating for weeks, Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for a ridiculous amount of games.  As William Rhoden wrote last week in the New York Times, who would've thought that ARod would be the injured party.  That's unbelievable, but with Bud Selig's bullying for weeks and threatening suspensions every other day, that's what has happened to me.  Bud Selig is such a hypocrite.  Bud Selig has sat in the commissioner's seat for a long time.  He sat on the sidelines when Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa brought baseball back from a disastrous strike.  The fact that they were allegedly on steroids didn't matter then because money was needed and being made hand over fist. I have repeatedly felt that MLB and the team owners were the organ grinders and the players, the monkeys.  As long as the organ grinders were making money, they didn't see or hear anything.  

Every few years something would happen and it couldn't be ignored.  Scandal would shake the core of baseball, but not too much.  They didn't want the money flow to stop.  They'd negotiate some sort of drug testing to keep the sports writers, Congress, and the fans "happy."  I don't get it, never have.  If steroids and human growth hormones are such an issue to the integrity to the game, then make it scheduled testing.  MLB has tons of money.  They could have daily, weekly, or monthly testing.  If MLB saw dollar signs, they could own their own lab. There shouldn't be any mystery about testing.  That's how trust would be rebuilt. The Players Association would have to support it, I know, but now it's all a bit iffy and shady. 

I find Bud Selig and his cronies absolutely too rich to be believed.  Everyone keeps throwing out how much money Alex Rodriguez is paid and due.  Is that his fault?  The Yankees organization made the deal.  Now they are stuck with a player that has had trouble producing in games when it counts, has been on the disabled list for a season, and now they see a light at the end of the tunnel.  They want to get rid of him no matter what, because they made him a ridiculous deal in 2007.  They paid him 275 million dollars for 10 years!  Is that his fault?  They desperately wanted him in pinstripes.  Now they'd like him in jail stripes.  Anything to get out of paying him the 100 plus million dollars due.  Anything.  

Not that I care or believe in Alex Rodriguez, but the Yankees, Bud Selig, and MLB are flexing their muscle and pushing, pushing, pushing to get ARod out.  Everyone has an angle.  Everyone has something to gain.  Everyone.  I hope that ARod's appeal of his suspension reveals every last stitch of evidence that MLB has.  So far, Bud and company haven't had to reveal much of anything other than their storyline. I want facts, just the facts.

Sidelines:  Watching television twice last week, once on TNT and twice on USA, the word bullsh*t went out over the airwaves.  Even the closed caption, ** it out.  Is it now okay?  I couldn't care less, but was thoroughly surprised.  The Time Warner/CBS fight is hilarious and ridiculous.  First of all, bad time of year for this contract battle to occur.  Not missing a lot of key television. Golf, Big Brother, Dexter, and Ray Donavan. That's really it.  You can watch repeats of golf on the Golf Channel.  You can read about Big Brother on  And undoubtedly, you can find Dexter and Ray Donavan on your computer somewhere.  If this was happening in the Fall, there'd be a louder outcry.  Now, people are out and about, not caring, not screaming, not yet. The Bachelorette ends its season tonight.  Last week's episode was painfully interminable and that's coming from a loyal viewer.  So who does Desiree choose tonight?  I am guessing no one.  

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