Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Despicable You!

So far, far away from NYC, there is a hamlet called San Diego, California.  There is a man that runs the town, Bob Filner.  He was elected by the people.  They felt that he was the best man for the job and so they took their precious vote and voted him to be Mayor.  What has unfolded in the past couple of months is the tale of a very disturbed man.  This man has touched multitudes of women in inappropriate ways in the work place.  He took a trusted position and denigrated many women.  Only recently have the women come forward in droves.  It's contemptible.  And the stories have just gotten worse.  He crossed the line with female soldiers that were part of a support group that were sexually assaulted in the armed forces.  Despicable!

So where did he go when the heat got too hot???  Some two week program to try to correct his behavior!!!  Seriously?  And worse, only made it one week.  He has dug in his heels and won't resign voluntarily. So the good people of San Diego are stuck with a demoralizing Mayor.  What can be done?  San Diego-ans can spend tons of money on a recall election.  Why should they have to?  There should be a mechanism in place that you can be forced to resign if you do the following things while in office...list to be determined. Since this isn't a criminal offense, there would have to be morals clauses and understandings that elected officials would have to follow.  I know that is a slippery slope, I know. This is different than an extra-marital affair, hiring a prostitute, tweeting your penis, etc. This is sexual harassment in the workplace.  Where women get up every morning to go to work, expect a modicum of respect, get their jobs done, and go home at the end of each day.  They do not expect to be inappropriately touched or addressed.  There has to be a mechanism.  The citizens of any town, city, State, or Country, shouldn't have to pay to have an elected official removed if the people in charge don't know office decorum.  

I am sure that the list of women will get longer.  This isn't a new behavior, just the allegations are new.  Filner was in Congress, no way there aren't more stories there.  In any case, this "man" needs to do the right thing for the first time in his life.  He needs to stand up in front of his fellow San Diego-ans, take full responsibility, and resign.  The people shouldn't have to raise money to send him out of office.  Not for this set of offenses!

Sidebars:  The State of New York announced new fraudulent proof driver's licenses.  Black and white photos instead of color.  AND the most stunning change?  If you are ages 16-21, your license/ID will be vertical not horizontal.  Simple brilliance.  I can't believe it isn't nationwide and it took this long to come up with this idea.  How much easier for ID checkers.  No math!  Watched the Democratic Mayoral debate last night.  It is the most lackluster group.  Haven't seen anyone on the Republican side either.  Dullards.  Doesn't mean that one of them might not make a good Mayor, but I fear another David Dinkins.  Gorgeous and cool in NYC.  It's mid-60's and no humidity. Fantastic!  

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