Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Head's About to Explode

I feel that I've said this before, but I am totally overwhelmed and getting paralyzed with the current and despicable political climate.  I feel assaulted from all sides on social media.  The Alt-Right and POTUS blow my mind every minute since Inauguration Day.  I can't believe what they are trying to do to our Country.  I can't believe how many elected officials are choosing Party over Country.  All the people on the Left are posting actions to call, protest, send postcards. Some seem repetitive postings and I have to figure out if I signed before or not.  I was trying to flush out the noise and try to filter the important things "to do," but so far that hasn't worked.  There are so many things on both sides flying around and it's gotten so challenging to know where to begin.  I read one post that we should focus on two important issues and place all your concentration there.  Sounds good and yet, still not easy to do.  

The whole #DeleteUber didn't feel right to me.  I do not use Uber but it felt very quick to judge and condemn, which is no better than many on the Far Right. Do I think they did something underhanded and sneaky?  I really don't know.  I was trying to think how I'd feel if I had flown in to JFK and stuck without a ride home or to a hotel.  Maybe inconveniencing travellers is all part of the protest, but I don't think that helps the issue of unfair immigration Executive orders.  Uber has often stood up in terrible times to give rides to people in need.  I'm just not sure they did anything really wrong.  Again, I don't use Uber, so I am not standing in defense of them, but I know so many are quick for a boycott and condemnation on all sides.  That's why we haven't seen Billy Bush or Dr. Nancy Snyderman and so many more.  Gone, banished.  I just want the protesting to be fairly focussed and not destructive.  I don't know the answer, though I've read both sides.  Look, it's easy to delete when there are many other car services out there, but it's not true throughout the Country.  It's a balancing act and the outrage needs to be directed squarely at the feet of the new Administration and the elected officials.

I am beginning to feel hopeless and helpless.  I don't like that feeling.  I will keep reading articles and postings. I will try to make the calls, send the letters, and protest where I can, but it all feels so big.  Why aren't there more Senators and Representatives standing up for Country over Party?  Maybe we should take away all the lifelong packages of salaries and healthcare and the job wouldn't be as cushy to keep.  Maybe we incentivize politicians to do the right thing and not worry about the next election. Again, always goes back to the money and public campaign finance.  At this point, that's gone way down the list.  Now, we are fighting for equal rights, the environment, and survival.  Yes, to all you Tr**p voters, many of us feel our mere survival is at stake as both a Nation and a world.  How do you Tr**p supporters feel?  Happy with your decision?  I don't get it.  Even the Pope is standing up for what's right.  The Pope!!  

One more very important point to me.  The media, other than Fox because that would be too much to hope for, need to call things as they are.  No more Obamacare!  It's the Affordable Care Act.  If the media hadn't called it Obamacare, maybe we wouldn't be where we are today.  Even Obama started calling it Obamacare.  The Republican marketing machine is stellar, so the media needs to be the ones to keep things clear and honest.  We are depending on your integrity during these unchartered waters.  Let's call things by their correct names and labels.  Call out untruths and lies.  This is really your chance to rise and shine.

Sidebars:  Watched the SAG Awards on TNT.  Quite fun but far too many commercials.  Always great to see actors supporting each other.  On a personal note, was grateful and thrilled, that my dear John McMartin was honored in the In Memoriam section.  The Emmys didn't and should be ashamed.  ** So sad about the passing of Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Hale, and John Hurt. Turned on the MTM marathon on Sundance and it was the episode "Mary Needs a Lawyer."  The lawyer was none other than John McMartin.  A beautiful and sad way to start Sunday morning.  **  Saw Arrival and not my cup of tea.  Saw Lion and thought it was so moving and compelling.  Definitely worth seeing.  **  Super Bowl Sunday coming up.  Oh, how I hope the Atlanta Falcons upset the Patriots.  That would make it a great game.  Not sure about Lady Gaga, but we shall see, won't we?  

Snowing here a bit. Stay warm and dry wherever you may be.  See you when I see you.

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  1. cannot believe that there is little to no action by our gov't to push back, protest what is going on… smh. party over country = BAD

    1. Rick Cuevas thank you for your comment. I'm with you!