Sunday, November 27, 2016

Not Getting Over It

I have definitely taken a huge soulful hit from the election results.  Something I knew was a possibility but not a probability.  It's been difficult to focus and accept.  I have found little comfort on the news, in the papers or online, but I finally felt the urge to vent a bit so here it goes....

I am sick and tired of people that are Tr**p supporters and voters telling me to move on, get over it.  That doesn't help and if you don't understand that, keep your words to yourself.  Of all the Republican candidates that I disagreed with, it was based on policy differences.  POLICY.  Our President-Elect is all over the place, but first and foremost, he has lit a fire under the asses of neo-nazis, KKK, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, and all the other hate mongers.  That is something far different than a person elected to lead the United States of America and disagree on policies.  I read today that Drumpf has to take a look at the difference between his campaign and other candidates to see why he may have fired up hate.  Seriously?  You have spewed so much hate throughout your campaign and never denounced any hate speech, acts, or violence.  You have encouraged it at every rally with words and dog whistles.  Who are you, Drumpf?  

The supporters that don't understand the fear that many of us feel for the safety of ourselves and our children must be white male Christians.  You are safe.  No one is going to rock your worlds.  What bothers me the most, in this post election fog, is that you don't get it?  I haven't heard one Tr**p supporter denounce the swastikas written on buildings, walls, and playgrounds.  I haven't heard one voter scream out after violent acts on college campuses to Muslims or African-Americans.  Nothing.  Nada. Riente. Rien. Crickets.  

Our future President has only fanned flamed the flames with his choices for cabinet positions.  The choice of Steve Bannon does nothing to comfort any minority group in this Country.  The choice of Mike Flynn does nothing to make people feel heard.  The choices go on and on.  All are extremists.  All are scary to any group that isn't white.  The popular vote went to Hillary Clinton and not to the President Elect by nearly 2 million votes.  He is ignoring that and dividing this country even more.  

The fear is real.  I really don't understand Republican voters don't get the sickness and apprehension so many of us feel. Tr**p isn't the same as Romney or McCain or G.W. Bush or George H.W. Bush or any other Republican President or nominee.  He is a wild card.  His rhetoric has been divisive from the day he came down that damn elevator and insulted Mexicans.  He has thrown the playbook out. He has not been held to the same scrutiny as any other nominee.  The people, the media, the journalists, the RNC let him slide on everything.  He is like none other.  The Democratic leaders have also been too quiet with one exception, Senator Elizabeth Warren.  I hope that she can light a fire under other elected officials, but I think there are a lot of cowards. 

So, Tr**p voters, before you tell a heartsick American to get over it or move on, try to imagine the terror that so many are living with now.  Many of us feel very nervous about our future.  The silence from the "many" is feeding the fear.  Don't tell me to calm down.  Don't tell me that Clinton would've been worse and she's a crook and she should go to jail and so on.  She wouldn't have struck terror in people's hearts.  She wouldn't have been your choice, but you'd be safe.  

We, the many, the majority, are scared.  No one is doing anything to ease the fear. No one, so we have to be vigilant. We have to be alert, loud, and strong.  We march shoulder to shoulder.  We will not be silenced!

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