Monday, July 25, 2016

So Much at Stake!

I am feeling so disheartened by Bernie supporters.  Is your "self" so important that you cannot see the bigger picture at stake?  Angry, disappointed supporters can ruin this election and, in turn, ruin this Country for generations to come.  Can you think about something other than yourself because that's how this feels.  In the 2008 election, I supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.  I was hugely disappointed that he caught the wave and became the nominee for the Democratic Party, but you know what I did the next day?  I stood tall and re-assessed my choices and backed Obama all the way.  It wouldn't have occurred to me to buck the system and vote for a 3rd party candidate or vote for McCain/Palin. Never!  The bigger picture was far more important than my personal choice.  So why can't the Sanders supporters see it?  The danger on the other side is so uge that the most important thing is voting for the Democratic nominee.  For God's sake people, if the nominee would've been Bernie Sanders, I would've turned around and voted for him.  The big picture. The big picture.

I saw today on Facebook that Change.Org has a Sanders for the Democratic nominee petition.  I know someone who signed it which is why it popped on my newsfeed.  I am sick to my stomach.  Does the name Ralph Nader mean anything to you Sanders supporters?  His supporters or protest voters won the election for George W. Bush.  How did that go for the Country?  WTF are you people thinking?  I am all for civil disobedience, peaceful protest, disagreement, but it is time to stop giving the Republicans fuel and stand up for all not just the "self."  If you take out the name of the Democratic presumptive nominee and look at what is at stake if Drumpf wins, it's time to check in with reality.  The world that we know will be filled with hate, discrimination, separatism, etc.  Did you you take note that due to the success of Drumpf's rhetoric, David Duke, former KKK leader, is running for Louisiana Senator.  Doesn't that speak volumes???!!!  Scares the f**k out of me. 

The Democratic party has always turned the other cheek and it makes me crazy.  The Republicans don't let anything go if it could tear down the Dems.  Anyone curious about the timing of the Wikileaks email release?  If we were Republicans, we would be calling for a Congressional hearing to see if there is any connection between Drumpf and Putin, but we are Democrats and don't want to get down and dirty.  I say check it out.  Have someone investigate in the CIA, FBI, or Justice Department.  We know that the Russians hacked the DNC computers, right?  We know that Paul Manafort works for a high level Russian businessman.  We know that there is a love fest between Putin and Drumpf.  Would it behoove the People to know the facts and truth?  I know we live in a world of non facts and truth now, but maybe if the Bernie supporters listened, they wouldn't be so willing to throw this election away.  

I know that I went on a tangent, but why aren't people looking for the truth about everything.  Is Clinton a perfect candidate? No.  Is she qualified to run this Country? Yes.  Why don't all the voters make a list of issues that are important and go down a checklist of the candidates on the ballot?  If you still choose to throw away your vote on a 3rd Party candidate or stay home, then take responsibility for the outcome in November. Seems that people only hear or believe what they want to instead of facts and truths.  I am gravely concerned that millennials are only thinking about themselves and not the greater good.  The stakes have never been higher for minorities. The rise of open racism, anti-semitism, and sexism should scare everyone, but it doesn't. I just don't get it, people.  I will keep saying this forever...the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court.  

I hope that the Democratic Convention is brimming with hope not hate. I hope that Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks about the greater good and doesn't step foot on the DNC stage. I hope that Sanders supporters get over themselves and come together for the bigger picture at stake.  I hope that Sanders knocks it out of the convention center tonight and instills togetherness.  I hope the week in Philadelphia truly becomes the City of Brotherly Love and not just a slogan.  I hope that Drumpf gets his ass kicked in November and he will go away forever.  I hope that the next generation of Drumpfs don't run for any public office.  I hope that the DNC shows how Clinton has been maligned for decades by the other side and she's not the villain she's been portrayed for 30 years.  I hope that when Hillary Clinton takes the stage on Thursday night to accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America that young and old are paying attention to the historic moment. You were there when the first woman was nominated for President.  We have a chance to go so far. Take it in.  

Sidebars:  Tonight kicks off the Democratic National Convention.  Great speakers tonight from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, and First Lady Michele Obama!  Three great speeches to come.  If you are inclined not to watch, there's The Bachelorette and America Ninja Warriors. There's Rizzoli and Isles and Major Crimes.  There is Samantha Bee's political satire on, too.  Something for everyone, but for those who are still trying to sort things out, tune into the DNC. --  It's hotter than Hades in NYC and much of America.  Global Climate change?  Depends on which political party you ask. -- Thoughts and prayers to all the firefighters fighting a huge battle in soaring temperatures in Southern California.  Hope all stay well and the fires are out soon. -- Wishing everyone a very happy last week of July.  

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