Tuesday, February 2, 2016

She's Still Standing, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Election season is always difficult, but this one has really taken on a whole new level of bickering, stress, and lows.  I am a registered Democrat and always will be.  Can't wrap my head around the Republicans and it's just getting worse.  So I sit and watch Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Both are intelligent candidates.  Both have much to offer, but as in 2008,  I am always surprised how women aren't lining up behind Secretary Clinton.  It happened with Obama, too.  Both were imperfect candidates, but many women seemed to feel more comfortable standing with Obama.  I knew many of those women.  And, again, today,  Senator Sanders won the women's vote.  SMH.  What are women waiting for?  Will there ever be a good enough female candidate to stand by?  I have written and pondered before why Clinton gets the ire of many and especially women.  Many people thinks she's a liar, but seriously?  Who isn't?  Every candidate and Presidential candidate winner has always lied.  It's part of the system.  It's part of the way it works.  "Say what you have to say to win votes."  Obviously, not all liars are created equal, but why women don't stand next to and behind Hillary Clinton, how they did with Barack Obama, is a mystery to me.  

I know that women are our own worst enemies.  I keep hoping that we evolve to back each other, not blindly, but embrace the greatness and the flaws.  We are still not there yet.  Do I like Bernie Sanders?  Sure.  I have admired him for many years for his vision and stances, but seriously he can't do what he wants.  As noble and great as his visions are, it can't happen. Remember, the great Bill Clinton promised that he'd allow gays in the military?  Yeah, that didn't happen.  When he got to the White House, he found that wasn't possible yet, so he compromised to "don't ask, don't tell."  Not a resounding success, but he didn't realize the pushback or the obstacles.  He thought he'd come in and it would be a simple fix.  Obama came into the White House and started the Affordable Care Act, but before he actually started the legislation, he made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies.  In that very moment, I knew that the ACA was compromised.  Obama blew it.  The great hope of the future, that got young and old so excited, proved quickly, once again, that your vision may be what many want, but that's not how things work.  

Even more important in this Country, a reasonable, moderate legislative body.  The divide is far too great.  That's where the laws of the land are created.  Not in the White House.  More important than the Congress?  The Supreme Court!  There could be 4 Supreme Court Justice openings in the next administration.  That is crucial that we protect our Supreme Court from the crazies.  The crazies don't even want to follow the laws already in existence.  What chance do the people have if the crazies take over more?  

So, I got off topic a bit.  Ladies and Gentlemen,  note the difference between how Hillary Clinton gets treated. Sexism rules still.  She has weathered more scrutiny than anyone and has handled herself with aplomb.  Bernie Sanders hasn't been scrutinized thoroughly yet.  The Jewish/atheist thing hasn't even been scratched.  If the reverse were true, Hillary would've been hit with the interrogation lamp.  Look, I don't care about anyone's religion, as long as it doesn't effect me or my government, but much of America does.  There are multiple examples of uneven terrain in this race.  T***p hasn't had to talk about his personal indiscretions, two immigrant wives, friendships with questionable folk, nothing.  He's a shiny new penny.  Sanders is new to many people and that's probably his appeal, too.  

Hillary Clinton has been around a long while.  She's been skewered for decades and still kicking.  She's withstood more barbs and investigations than anyone in my lifetime and come out the other side.  Listen, do I think she is perfect?  Far from it, but I do think that she's learned from her mistakes, life experience, and  blazed a trail for others.  None of those things can be discounted.  She is without question the most qualified person running on either side to become President.  Who else running can say that?  On this day, Groundhog's Day, I am standing by Secretary Clinton, but let me be extremely clear, and this will not change, I will support whomever is the Democratic Presidential nominee.  I can only hope that's true for all Sanders supporters.  I never thought I'd be alive for the first African American President.  I have great hope that I will be alive for the first woman President of the United States of America.  It is time.

Sidebars:  Okay, so February television sweeps are starting off with a bang.  Tonight, the first episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson on FX.  Hopefully, it will be 10 glorious weeks!  Wednesday and Thursday nights, Richard Dreyfuss as Bernie Madoff.  I can only hope it's as good as expected. -- It's Super Bowl week.  Too much air time for all the talking heads to break down every portion and piece of the match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  They will talk it to death and regardless of what they say, the game will be what it will be.  That's the continued problem of a 24/7 cycle.  Have to fill all those minutes of every day.  I am just hoping for a very exciting, non-injury, and close game.  May the best team on that day win.  I just hope the halftime rumors prove to be true and Bruno Mars shows up.  Otherwise, it will be Coldplay and Beyonce. -- Didn't see all of Grease Live, but will get to it.  Heard it got big kudos.  I do send out both huge applause and condolences to Vanessa Hudgens who lost her father that day from cancer.  Proving once again that "the show must go on."  From what I saw she soared. -- SAG Awards were enjoyable.  I'm sure you can catch them on TNT on demand or online.  How many self congratulatory Awards shows are there before the Oscars? -- A big plug, not that she needs it, for my husband's friend, Maureen Sherry.  Her book, Closing Belle, released today, has gotten so much praise and press.  Hoping it makes the NY Times bestselling list.  Getting my copy today.  -- Here's to gorgeous February weather in NYC.  Enjoy wherever you are!

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