Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At a Loss, Again!

I don't know what is wrong with this country.  Seriously.  We suffered another mass shooting.  Since President Obama took office, he has had to mourn the loss of too many Americans from senseless gun violence.  It's very disturbing.  Less than a year ago, we had the unthinkable tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The majority of Americans were shattered, devastated, and outraged.  We screamed for something to change.  We screamed for our lawmakers to listen.  We shouted as we begged for gun reforms.  Though we were the majority, we lost. A few with tons of money are killing us, literally.  For every dime the Koch brothers use to shoot down politicians that are for new gun laws, they should be directly charged with a crime.  The NRA is silent for every reckless and insane act of gun violence.  There answer after the Sandy Hook shooting was to arm schools with guns.  Wow, that worked yesterday.  The mass shooting yesterday was at the Navy Yard.  Lots of guns.  Did it help?  NO!!!!!!  Still 12 innocent people that just showed up for work were gunned down while they were getting their coffee and bagel.  Again, what did the NRA say?  Nothing. They can't. They have no defense.  They have no where to go with their outrageous rhetoric.  

Can you imagine if the "new" President of the NRA, Jim Porter, came to the table with a moderate stance and willing to compromise?  Can you imagine?  It won't happen.  Jim Porter is a blatant racist and nut job.  Calls the Civil War the war of Northern Aggression.  OMG!!  How can law abiding gun owners stand by such an organization?  Why can't the majority of gun owners make noise and take their organization back?  Start a new one?  Certainly burn their NRA cards and stop paying dues.  

I have to say I used to have much more empathy for gun owners and their right to bear arms, but as each new law keeps getting passed....Did you know that in Iowa they are voting for blind people to have guns?  Really??? How the hell is that going to work?  Maybe if you vote for that law to pass, you should have to go in front of a blind firing squad and see how that works for you!   The more these crazies push crazy laws, the less I give a rat's ass about their rights.  What about our rights for going to work or school and being safe?  What about our rights for going to work or school and coming home for dinner?  Why are our rights not more important than the 2nd Amendment?  This country is in a very precarious place in history.  What should be so simple to figure out is made impossible by many unforeseen forces.  It's not just the Koch brothers.  There are others manipulating and spending tons of money.  

The silence must stop from the law abiding gun owners.  The voices must be heard.  It can't just be those of us who never have owned again and never will!

Sidebars:  Newsroom had a very satisfying season finale.  Rizzoli and Isles did not.  Covert Affairs ends its season tonight.  Burn Notice ended its series.  No more.  Dancing With the Stars began last night.  Off to a strong start and who can't root for Valerie Harper?!  America's Got Talent is wrapping up tomorrow night.  Big Brother ends this week, too, thank goodness.  Still stunned by Julie Chen's admission and before and after photos. My birthday is this week.  I am one of the many Virgos that have to maneuver around the start of school and the Jewish holidays.  On a truly proud personal note, my husband's second book is now out and has been selling well.  If you haven't got yourself a copy, you must.  It's a great read about a great artist: Neil Sedaka.  Always been a huge fan of his and am now a bigger one.  
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